Sydney, Hunter and Illawarra Surf Forecast (Wed 13th Nov)

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Sydney, Hunter and Illawarra Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 13th November)

Best Days: Thursday morning, early Friday for keen surfers


Monday's large increase in E/SE swell eased back overnight as the low that generated the swell drifted south. Large 5-6ft waves were seen across most locations from Newcastle south yesterday morning under light offshore winds. The Far South Coast offered larger waves due to the closer proximity to the low. Onshore sea breezes added a few unwanted bumps into the mid-late afternoon as the swell eased to a less consistent 3-5ft.

This morning the SE swell was still present across most locations to 3ft, but a smaller NE swell was also in the mix to 2ft+. Winds are great again with a light offshore but we should see NE sea breezes developing into the afternoon. The SE swell will drop out considerably this afternoon as the NE windswell persists at 2ft+.

This week (Nov 13-15)

Tomorrow morning will be the best of the rest of the week with an easing E/NE swell from 2ft across open beaches and offshore winds.

Friday morning should see the arrival of a distant and inconsistent E/SE swell from a fetch of E/SE gales exiting New Zealand's Cook Strait earlier this week. This is expected to come slightly above model forecasts to an inconsistent 2ft at open beaches. Winds will be less than ideal though with a morning S/SW'ly giving away fresh E/SE breeze.

This weekend (Nov 16-17)

There's not too much in the way of surf expected over the weekend besides a small and inconsistent mix of S'ly and E/SE swell to 1-2ft at open beaches. Winds will be average and generally from the SE, with lighter and more S'ly winds each morning.

Longer term (Nov 18 onwards)

The models are still divergent on the outlook for next week revolving around the possible intensification of a surface trough off our coast Sunday evening onwards (shown right). If this were to happen we'd see building levels of E/SE windswell later Sunday and into Monday but with onshore winds. Cleaner conditions would develop once the system weakens and moves away from the coast Tuesday and Wednesday but we'll have to review all of this again on Friday.