Northern NSW and South East Queensland Surf Forecast (Wed 6th Nov)

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Northern NSW and South East Queensland Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wednesday 6th November)

Best Days: Thursday morning, Friday morning, Monday morning


Large waves continued across the North Coast to 4-6ft yesterday while smaller surf to 2ft was seen on the Goldy's beaches, with D'bah and other exposed spots picking up much more size. Morning offshores provided good waves across NSW, while S'ly winds on the Goldy limited options as did SE winds on the Sunny Coast.

This morning the swell has dropped a touch quicker than expected with the North Coast easing from 4-5ft or so at exposed south facing beaches, while the Goldy was dropping from a similar size to yesterday.

Short Term (Nov 7-8)

We'll continue to see wave heights easing into tomorrow out of the S/SE but in saying this, exposed spots on the North Coast should still offer 3-4ft sets early, as will The Tweed. Get in early though as morning NW winds will give way to fresh NE sea breezes.

Friday morning will be much smaller but still fun in protected northern corners with a N'ly wind.

This weekend onwards (Nov 9-12)

NE windswell will pad out the weekend with northern corners performing the best both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The forecast becomes tricky into early next week as a surface trough deepens just south the Mid North Coast (pictured right). What we'll see is a fetch of strong S/SE winds aimed into the Southern NSW coast with smaller levels of S/SE swell spreading up into us Monday. The swell will ease Tuesday though as the trough starts drifting south and out of our swell window and we see NE windswell becoming more dominant again.

With this setup the Mid North Coast will see the most size, with smaller waves the further north up the coast you go, while the Goldy isn't expected to see much size at all. Monday morning is the time to surf with variable winds and the most size, while Tuesday will see the N'ly winds kicking back in.

Longer Term (Nov 13 onwards)

Besides a small E/SE swell later next week from a fetch of E/SE winds exiting New Zealand's Cook Strait there's nothing too major on the cards.