Western Australian Surf Forecast (issued Fri 25th Apr)

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Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 25th of April)

Best Days: Saturday morning at exposed spots, Monday morning in protected locations in the South West, Tuesday in Perth and Gero, Wednesday morning, Friday morning


Great waves were seen in the South West yesterday with a dropping swell from 4-6ft with morning offshores, while Perth saw 1-2ft waves and Gero, 3ft waves with variable winds during the morning.

Today the swell is smaller and with less favourable winds creating less than ideal conditions.

This weekend (Apr 26 - 27)

Saturday will be a good day to hunt down an exposed spot across the state with a small SW groundswell to 3-4ft or so in the South West, 1-1.5ft in Perth and 2-3ft around Gero with E/NE tending NE winds (NW into the arvo around Gero).

Sunday will be a write off as strengthening W/NW winds move in associated with a strong cold front and Monday's swell.

Monday onwards (Apr 28 onwards)

There's been no real change to the expected size for Monday's large SW groundswell across the state, but winds have made a turn for the worse unfortunately.

Firstly, the swell is being generated by a vigorous polar moving east through the Southern Indian Ocean towards us and generating a fetch of severe-gale SW winds. Core wind speeds are expected to reach the stronger storm-force range (pictured right), before the system breaks down to our South West tomorrow evening.

A front shedding off the weakening low will push in right when the swell arrives Monday, bringing with it fresh S/SW winds.

This will create poor conditions across Perth and Gero, with only the most protected breaks around Margs offering a decent wave.

As the swell eases Tuesday winds look to linger from the S/SW in the South West (only light) while Perth and Gero are likely to see more favourable E/SE winds. Wednesday should see cleaner conditions in the South West with a more variable breeze at dawn.

Into the second half of next week, we should see two large sized S/SW groundswells impacting the state through Wednesday and Thursday.

The first will be generated by tight but intense polar low forming late in our swell window, with a secondary broader but slightly weaker system projecting north up into us Wednesday.

Size wise, an initial spike Wednesday to 5-6ft in the South West, 1-2ft in Perth and 3-4ft in Gero is expected, with a stronger increase to 6ft+, 2ft and 3-5ft respectively due Friday.

Winds on Thursday are looking a little average and fresh from the S/SE, while Friday should see excellent E'ly winds, creating great conditions. Check back Monday for confirmation on this though.