South Australian Surf Forecast (issued Wed 23rd Apr)

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South Australian Forecast (issued Wednesday 23rd April)

Best Days: Friday, Sunday, Monday


Surfing conditions were terrible yesterday with a fresh to strong onshore wind across both coasts and choppy swell. Today a continuation in moderate sized SW swell has kept good 3ft sets hitting Middleton with larger 4ft waves out at Waits under perfect offshore winds. The Mid was offering glassy 1-1.5ft waves early, but winds have since gone more NW, creating unwanted bumps.

This week (Apr 23 - 25)

Give the surf a miss tomorrow as although a new increase in SW swell is due, a strong onshore change overnight will leave fresh S/SW tending lighter S/SE winds. The Mid Coast should offer tiny 1ft waves that will improve into the afternoon with the SE winds.

Friday is looking excellent down South with a drop in swell, generated by early tomorrow's front but with fresh and gusty offshore N/NE tending N/NW winds. Size wise we should see Middleton easing from 3-4ft+ with larger 4-6ft surf at Waits while the Mid Coast should drop from 1-1.5ft.

This weekend onwards (Apr 26 onwards)

Saturday will be another lay day as another strong onshore change moves through during the early morning creating poor conditions across both coasts.

Another medium sized S/SW groundswell should fill in behind this front though and peak Sunday to a similar size as Friday's easing swell but winds won't be as favourable, tending E/NE during the morning.

Parsons may be a little sizey, but still worth a look, while Goolwa should offer solid peaks for experienced surfers. The Mid should offer fun tiny peelers to 1-1.5ft again under all day offshores.

Monday will be a great day for Waits and Parsons down South with a dropping swell and offshore N/NE winds.

Longer term we'll probably see a series of large groundswells impacting the state (after an initial strong long-range W/SW groundswell Tuesday) as a node of the Long Wave Trough strengthens across the Bight through next week. Check back here on Friday for the latest on this though.