Eastern Tasmania Surf Forecast (issued Mon 21st Apr)

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Eastern Tasmania Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 21st April)

Best Days: No good days


Saturday's expected large increase in E'ly groundswell came in a lot stronger than forecast with peak periods reaching 20s overnight Friday, while as the bulk of the swell filled in Saturday morning in the 17-18s range, open beaches picked up 8-10ft waves.

We expected this size across the Southern NSW Coast, but not down along the Tassie East Coast, but alas one of the strongest pulses of groundswell we've seen in a long time impacted the coast.

Winds were favourable during the morning and remained light into the afternoon as the swell dropped noticeably.

Sunday saw much smaller 3-4ft waves and conditions were great again with a freshening offshore W/NW breeze.

Today there wasn't much left across the coast and unfortunately there's nothing major on the cards for the rest of the week.

This week and weekend (Apr 21 - 27)

Unfortunately the storm track will be too zonal (west-east) in nature this week for us to see any swell from cold fronts pushing across the state.

This will result in the surf being tiny all this week with nothing of size really due until Saturday when we may see a small spike in NE windswell.

More noticeable will likely be an increase in S'ly windswell Sunday as a cold front pushes up our coast rather than across us but this will be with associated onshore winds.

Longer term we may see some better NE windswell mid next week, but we'll review this again Wednesday.