Southern Tasmania Surf Forecast (issued Mon 21st Apr)

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Southern Tasmania Forecast (issued Monday 21st April)

Best Days: Every day over the coming period besides Thursday and Saturday


A strong pulse of long-range W/SW groundswell filled in Saturday but winds were average and cross-onshore from the W/SW. Sunday offered much better waves with a drop in swell from 2-3ft and offshore winds.

Today a reinforcing W/SW groundswell has come in at 3ft across Clifton and winds were favourable again, swinging offshore in the wake of the front that generated the swell, and a swing to NE winds this afternoon and drop in swell would of opened up plenty of options across the South Arm.

This week (Apr 21 - 25)

Today's strong pulse in swell should of eased into this afternoon and further tomorrow leaving smaller 1-2ft waves across Clifton under strong NW tending W/NW winds.

A small reinforcing swell is due on Wednesday to 1-2ft but two better pulses of W/SW and SW swell are due on Thursday ahead of a peak during the afternoon.

Initially a long-range increase in W/SW groundswell is due during the morning to 2ft or so, but a larger increase in SW swell is due into the afternoon from a strengthening frontal system passing across us during the day. A fetch of SW gales will be aimed into us and while the size should build to 2-3ft winds look to be poor and fresh from the SW tending W/SW.

Friday morning will be the day to surf with the swell easing from 2ft under NW tending N/NE winds.

This weekend onwards (Apr 26 onwards)

Longer term we should see a new increase in W/SW swell later Saturday and Sunday morning but this will be another close-range swell generated by a strengthening cold front pushing across us over the weekend. Sunday, as the swell eases from 2-3ft should see clean conditions with offshore winds as the swell generating front moves off quickly to the west.

Beyond this there's nothing major on the cards until the following weekend, but we'll review this again Wednesday.