Southern Tasmania Surf Forecast (issued Wed 16th Apr)

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Southern Tasmania Forecast (issued Wednesday 16th April)

Best Days: Thursday, Sunday, Monday


Today saw small fun waves across the coast as a W/SW groundswell peaked, coming in as expected to 2ft across Clifton with offshore winds.

This week and weekend (Apr 16 - 21)

Another small pulse of slightly better SW groundswell is due tomorrow across Clifton and this should keep 1-2ft waves hitting the coast before easing into the afternoon.

Come Friday the swell will be tiny, and the models are picking up some tiny long-range E/SE groundswell energy from the Tasman Low east of the state. This wont effect Clifton, but should break at more exposed breaks down the coast.

Into the weekend, the large and powerful groundswell that will impact WA, SA and Vic will also fill in across Clifton on Saturday afternoon, but its westerly bias will limit wave heights severely. The storm that created this was along the polar shelf south-west of WA initially but has since pushed north-east and will move out of our swell window into tomorrow.

We'll thus rely on very inconsistent long-range swell energy, but this should still see wave heights reaching 3ft to occasionally 4ft at North Clifton but winds will be poor and fresh from the SW.

Sunday will be much better with NW tending W/NW winds and an easing 2-3ft of swell, so aim to surf then.

Monday should see a fun reinforcing W/SW groundswell from a much weaker trailing polar front behind the system generating Saturday's swell and this should keep 2ft+ waves hitting Clifton under NW tending SE winds.

Next Tuesday onwards (Apr 22 onwards)

Into next week there's only a small SW groundswell due mid-week, but longer term we may see a stronger SW groundswell developing for late the next weekend. We'll review all of this again on Friday though.