South Australian Surf Forecast (issued Wed 9th Apr)

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South Australian Forecast (issued Wednesday 9th April)

Best Days: No good days, but if you have to surf, Sunday morning


After Monday's excellent afternoon of waves, Tuesday saw less size but good conditions continued down South with morning offshores ahead of weak sea breezes into the afternoon.

The Mid Coast became tiny but remained clean and glassy all day with light variable winds.

Today the surf was smaller again with a light S/SW wind across the South Coast ending the run of great conditions, but still providing OK waves for keen surfers across exposed locations

This week (Apr 9 - 11)

The coming forecast period is poor, so I hope you made the most of the last week or so of waves!

Tomorrow morning will be a low point in swell activity and conditions will start to deteriorate as a deepening surface trough moves in from the west across the state bringing strengthening S/SE winds.

This will write off the surf tomorrow and kick up a building S'ly windswell that should peak Friday but with strong S/SE winds. The Mid Coast will be tiny to flat and only worth a look for beginners on the low tide.

This weekend onwards (April 7th onwards)

Poor surfing conditions will continue into the weekend with a dropping S/SE windswell as the trough moves off further to the east and away from us resulting in weakening SE tending S/SE winds Saturday and lighter S/SE winds Sunday morning.

Therefore if you have to surf over the coming period, Sunday morning will be the day across the South Coast around Parsons, but keep your expectations low.

Into next week the surf will start off small to tiny as the weekend's swell fades away and winds strengthen from the SE again.

The outlook for mid next week onwards is still too hard to pick with the models still diverging around the track and evolution of Tropical Cyclone Ita off Northern Queensland as well as a deepening surface trough across West Oz. Therefore check back here Friday for the latest update on this.