Western Australian Surf Forecast (issued Mon 7th Apr)

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Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 7th of April)

Best Days: Tuesday morning, Thursday morning, Friday morning, next week


The weekend wasn't too flash with lighter winds early Saturday morning from the southern quadrant and a building S/SW groundswell. Winds turned onshore into the afternoon as the swell muscled up, and Sunday remained less than favourable in the South West with early S'ly winds and an easing 4-6ft of swell. Perth faired better, while Gero remained average with a lingering onshore.

Today the swell has eased further but conditions improved with offshores across most regions.

This week (Apr 7 – 11)

A further drop in S/SW swell is expected across the coast tomorrow from 3ft in the South West, 1ft+ in Perth and 2-3ft up at Gero but winds should be great and offshore from the E/NE.

Into the end of the week we'll see a funky W/NW swell filling in across the state generated by ex-Tropical Cyclone Ivanoe which has been lingering through the Eastern Indian Ocean the last few days.

The system is currently west of Margaret River, well offshore but should move slowly east-southeast while aiming a fetch of strong to gale-force (but weakening) W'ly winds towards us.

A small-moderate W/NW swell should be created, with a similar sized SW groundswell filling in the same time on Thursday offering 3ft to occasionally 4ft sets in the South West, 2ft waves in Perth and 3ft waves up at Gero.

Winds will remain favourable and light from the E/NE Thursday with this new mix of swells, while Friday should play out similarly with morning offshores and weak afternoon sea breezes as the swells ease.

This weekend onwards (Apr 12 onwards)

The possible strong SW groundswell on the cards for this Sunday has been pushed back a bit in timing and downgraded with it now due to arrive later in the day and peak Monday. There's still some uncertainty in this swell with the models struggling to resolve how an inland surface trough deepening across the state will take shape, but we'll have another look at this on Wednesday. At this early stage though, the swell looks to be in the medium-large size range and with favourable winds from Monday onwards.