Western Australian Surf Forecast (issued 4th Apr)

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Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 4th of April)

Best Days: Saturday morning as the swell builds, early Sunday in protected spots in the South West, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at exposed spots


The surf was good again across exposed spots yesterday with a moderate but easing swell across most locations and offshore winds. A new acute S'ly swell has kept similar sized waves to yesterday morning hitting the coast today, with perfect conditions again under morning offshores.

Sea breezes are expected to be weak this afternoon, with fun waves due to persist into the mid-afternoon.

This weekend (Apr 5 – 6)

Our final pulse of sizey S/SW groundswell due over the weekend hasn't change in size or timing, and winds are still looking dicey on Sunday.

This swell, generated by a strong polar front pushing up from the Heard Island region towards us over the last couple of days should peak overnight Saturday, but both later Saturday and early Sunday should see 4-6ft waves in the South West, with 2ft sets in Perth Sunday morning and 3-4ft waves up in Gero.

Winds Saturday morning will remain favourable and swing offshore across most regions but as touched on above Sunday looks average as early S'ly winds swing S/SW during the morning and increase.

Next week onwards (Apr 7 onwards)

The weekend's swell will drop off slowly into next week as winds slowly swing anti-clockwise in direction from the S/SE Monday to E/SE Tuesday and E/NE Wednesday.

This will favour exposed spots as the swell becomes smaller.

Besides a very inconsistent and long-range SW groundswell Wednesday afternoon and Thursday there's nothing major on the cards for next week. This swell won't offer any major size with Margs expected to peak at 3-4ft Thursday morning, with 1ft+ sets in Perth and 2-3ft waves around Gero.

Into next weekend there's the possibility of a large SW groundswell in the 6-8ft range arriving through Sunday from a deep and intense polar low firing up west of Heard Island mid next week (pictured right). We'll keep an eye on this though as the models are divergent on the synoptic setup through the Southern Indian Ocean. Check back Monday for an update on this.