South Australian Surf Forecast (issued Wed 26th Mar)

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South Australian Forecast (issued Wednesday 26th March)

Best Days: Thursday up until early afternoon, Friday morning, Saturday morning, Sunday at exposed spots, Tuesday morning


Sorry for the short notes, on the road this week.

There hasn't been much to talk about the last few days with plenty of swell across the South Coast but poor and fresh SE winds both yesterday and this morning.

This week (Mar 26 - 28)

Tomorrow's looking great with the arrival of a strong but inconsistent S/SW groundswell under morning offshore winds from the N/NE. Size wise, we're looking at 3-5ft sets across most locations, with the odd bigger bomb out at Waits and Parsons. With the offshore N/NE winds, most locations will be open for business from Goolwa to Parsons.

The Mid Coast won't see much above 0.5ft due to the swells southerly nature.

A weak S/SW change tomorrow afternoon will linger into Friday morning, but winds should tend variable across the coast creating good conditions down South, but don't expect it to be as clean as Thursday.

This weekend onwards (Mar 29 onwards)

There's been no change to the weekend forecast with wave heights expected to bottom out in the wake of Thursday's swell and become tiny into Monday.

Winds will be good though each morning and variable but most likely land breezey (locally offshore), with Sunday and Monday seeing all day offshores.

As touched on in Monday's notes there's some medium sized S/SW groundswell on the cards from Tuesday next week, but besides a period of offshores Tuesday morning, winds will be onshore from the S/SE. There's a good chance for a morning offshore Friday morning, but we'll review this in a couple of days.