Replays Unavailable Gold Coast cams

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vbaaccess started the topic in Sunday, 26 Mar 2023 at 6:55pm

Very annoying when you pay for the feature that's not available. Seems to be common problem with you webserver needing reboot to fix issue.

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thermalben Monday, 27 Mar 2023 at 11:18am

Apologies for the downtime VBA.

We're currently rolling out a major upgrade of our replay system (which we've been building for many months now), and the last few deployment steps have proven to be a little trickier than we initially planned. It's a completely new system built on new infrastructure, so we've been having a few teething issues as we migrate each camera over. However, if all goes well we are hoping to launch the new replay system later this week or early next week - initially on the App - and then shortly after on the website. Thanks for your patience.

Here's a snapshot of what it'll look like on the App.

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truebluebasher Monday, 27 Mar 2023 at 2:17pm

March 2023 Internet Freezes.
At first most would've assumed 3 peat La Nina clogged & water logged any Surf Cams / mounts.
One would need to check any similar site direction to ocean / elevation / Rainfall / wind!

Sure enough it's an old problem...but this March does signal a larger Freeze.

Of interest...this 3-7sec Freeze / drop out is current & seemingly with new Tech upgrades?
Yeah! Yeah! Upgrades likely conceal a clocked Data Store reset...sounds creepy!
Kinda like how smart TVs clock viewers + Team USA banishing all new foreign devices.

Seconds Freeze / Problem is directed more towards Sat / Wi-Fi than Cable.
eg: Starlink loses connection 5-30secs each 15mins (Zoom / streaming freezes then comes back)
Anomaly: Google Live Meeting 14mbps (100% Fine) vs Starlink 194mbps = Interent/Unstable/ Muted
This blog lights up...

3 March Logix Designer Interface freezes 6 secs every 5 minutes
10 March ~ IPhone 11 > Lags / Freezes

* Xfinity blog : Internet drops out a few seconds at intervals of 30 mins or Multiples of 30 mins.
* Firefox locks up for a few seconds on new / 111+ or W10-W11
* Google Maps
* YouTube (Video Streams)
* Zoom keeps Freezing
7 March ~HBO Max freezing
14 March ~ Microsoft Edge keeps Freezing

Tool Box...
Advanced troubleshooting for Windows Freezes

tbb has an old school Tip...
Bloke once said when it rains it blocks signals/reception...(Sounds crazy!)
Once the wind lifts or Sun comes out it frees the signal.

Here's how that bloke helped tbb...TV was always fine.
But got worse every on the blogs...
Found out 4G/5G occupy our old TV UHF Bandwidth on our Aerials
tbb & crew paid for these Aerials.
Never once use these Mobile telco Networks that booted me off & freely use my Aerial.
By stealing, then using my Aerial they then block out 70% Telly Band Width
Had to go & buy 4G/5G filter then also a Booster = $150
Filter knocked out 60% + Booster another 30% > Freeze Glitches are 90% gone.

Here's the thing...
Soon as it rains > Signal is blocked > glitches return > Wind / Sun = 90% Perfect again!
Same as above...tbb got all the new Tech but still it freezes in the rain.
The bloke was 100% right! Rain / Trees blocks the Signals!

Why did tbb share that story...
Coz satellites bounce off numerous Dishes > also impacted by... Ice / Snow / Hail / Rain / Wind
Powder Snow or Dry leaves are Ok > But covered in Rain / Water Pooling will cut signal...
More importantly...Rain is most likely to cut signal on/off more often than other weather!
Yes! It crosses all Telco Signal mediums new / old to remain as #1 constant disruption.
Not sure if Demisters would work or Vibration tech to flick Water?
If these Surfcams have Lush Trees nearby ...that would Block / Cloak signals big time in the rain.
Even if Tower is Saturated with's the same deal.
Meaning the Soggy Tree / Tower is reflecting / blocking transmission from Cam to Sat / Telco Tower...

tbb never realized that as Trees grow larger the Telly reception got worse.
Can now actually watch the large back yard tree lose it's rain while reception improves.
Yes! Oh so simple once ya know...but drives you crazy until ya learn that Rain bosses communication.
Armies use Rain to cloak radar as they invade shorelines!
Easiest first check is Trees / Rain near any freezing cam.

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fcalmon Saturday, 8 Apr 2023 at 4:25pm
vbaaccess wrote:

Very annoying when you pay for the feature that's not available. Seems to be common problem with you webserver needing reboot to fix issue.

Also very annoying when you are trying to improve a non essential service, charge very little and you have people getting ‘annoyed’. Not to mention 99% of the website is fine.