Fucken Govt Miltary expenditure and cover ups

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Barnard started the topic in Thursday, 2 Jun 2016 at 6:02am

Point 1

We are hearing the truth of Lint café and the stupidity that is unfolding ...
How much have you paid the cops in speeding fines, camera cars, intersection cams , deceitful panel vans that are cop cars ,,that bust you for all your life ..and these guys highly trained publicized blokes and multi $M security organisations ...carnt take out one man..go figure..??.

Point 2 '
Scene 2 A C130 Spectre (nasty item) takes out a whole hospital in Afghanistan .... given drone reconnaissance's satellite technology etc etc GIS co ordinates even Google earth if your desperate, you reckon they could work out one building from another... what are they expecting a Red Cross insignia on the roof and a sign ""Bad Guys"" on the other one they are meant to be taking out ???...

It baffles me how much we spend on our own anxiety usually created by ""security organizations""??? and arms dealers ...? and also Trump... 1st target for a drone strike that can benefit the world ...

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Clam commented Tuesday, 2 May 2017 at 1:47am

Pretty annoying...
"Police have admitted that they charged the wrong man in 2004 after a DNA bungle by the Government-owned forensic laboratory PathWest resulted in him being incorrectly linked to the crime."

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