Bra Boys in Indo!!!

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buddwha started the topic in Monday, 10 Jan 2011 at 11:05pm

A recent trip to Indo raised within me a serious feeling of concern and frustration in the attitude of Balinese and Indonesian surfers alike. As we know, the vast number of these people (especially younger groms) are rather impressionable and jump on Western trends as they arise without question. Flat brim caps, colourful surf industry clothing, big shades and the alike are harmless examples of the East following Western trends which probably originated in an LA ghetto made popular by Hip Hop culture. Whilst some of the” get up” of young surfers from both Western and Eastern cultures is laughable, not so funny is the adoption of a gang mentality which seems to be taking hold within the Indonesian surf community. Enter “Bali Brother Keepers” and “The Lakey Bra Boys”.

Seeing firsthand the pathetic behaviour of revellers proudly displaying their “Bra Boys” tats, punching on and acting loud and obnoxious in another country is embarrassing enough, but stories of Bra boys, disrespecting Balinese, running from taxis, damaging property, disrespecting women (prostitutes are still women) and basically giving nothing back to a place that gives so much to us surfers is what really gets up my nose. Hence the question. Why are these young Indo kids jumping on the gang mentality bandwagon displayed by Bra Boys in Indo? The Answer: Fucked if I know!

To the young “Bra Boy”. If you are so proud to be an Australian, which I am guessing you are judging by your Southern Cross tats, then act like one. Respect other people and act as a good example to the younger generation of Indos who unlike you haven’t had the luxury of travelling and seeing the world for themselves. These people know only what they have and what we bring them. Lets not poison what started out as a beautiful and giving culture.

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shaun commented Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011 at 12:48am

Hopefully the Bra boys will burn out as the black shorts have in Hawaii, have a good look at Koby Abbertons face book the whole bra boy thing is just a marketing ploy to sell my brothers keeper clothing line. They bang on about how they look after there you and provide positive role models, yet one of the elder high profile surfers from the bra boys was recently busted big time for smuggling cocaine, also getting locked away with him was his 19 year old apprentice, who knows what sort of network they had going when they got the coke into the country, they are involved in murder inquires, drugs and intimidation in general. And the surf media treats them like stars, I suspect that maybe because the surf media is mainly Sydney based and are intimidated themselves, I am led to believe that this is the reason that the American media never reported the countless time Johnny boy got the crap beaten out of him.

I'm the scab you keep picking off and is there again the next day.

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indo-dreaming commented Wednesday, 12 Jan 2011 at 9:55am

Yeah it's sad....Lakey peak groms have always had such an attitude, and its westerners fault, they encourage it when there young, and egg em on, and give em a laugh....same in Bali and Nias, haven't been lakey way for years, sad to hear there folowing that gang crap.

groms in Mentawais are okay still but they will end up like that too...i saw one getting a real local attitude, snaking and dropping in, but im not suprissed as ive seen so many westerners do the same to them, even saw a women pro surfer last time i was there burn a local.

Please Stunet just give me that ignore button for Crypto (Herc, uplift or whatever other names he has used)

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udo commented Saturday, 18 Oct 2014 at 10:28am

Indo, locals attitude up in the ments ,hows there attitude 3yrs on ?

Shaun, W Cleveland and operation Loment ......really smart trying to pay Cranbrook school fees with 40k in cash....12 yrs jail for importation.
K Abberton now has a tattoo shop in Kuta.

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uplift commented Saturday, 18 Oct 2014 at 2:04pm

'Lets not poison what started out as a beautiful and giving culture.'

Sorry, but that happened years and years ago.

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indo-dreaming commented Saturday, 18 Oct 2014 at 3:38pm

udo wrote: Indo, locals attitude up in the ments ,hows there attitude 3yrs on ?

Dont know i haven't been to Mentawai's the last few years(i hope to get back next year), ive been going to Telos (via Nias) only three true local surfers there (telos), one just learning and two live at the village of one of the best waves.

I didn't see them this year, but last year they only had one surfboard between them that was beaten up and they were swapping every half hour or so, one of them Julian could already get barrelled and come out and when i surfed with him he was trying airs because a few pros had been there doing them the day before.

This year i surfed the same wave but they weren't around, maybe they have to go to main island for secondary school which is common, so maybe only back on weekends.

Please Stunet just give me that ignore button for Crypto (Herc, uplift or whatever other names he has used)

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groundswell commented Monday, 27 Oct 2014 at 4:00pm

What happened to more redpect to those soloists. Gangs are for pussies who cant stand alone. I always had more respect for the banksies wayne lynch and matt percys. Even mark matthews seen as part of that gang but does seem to do his own thing a lot. Out of that gang i only give him respect not that it matters.

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redmondo commented Friday, 12 Oct 2018 at 11:57am

I'm terrified of the Bra boys in fact I find all cross-dressers scary.


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