Easing surf with cleaner conditions, onshore again from Thursday

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Western Australia Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 10th October)

Best Days: Margs Tuesday and Wednesday, Margs Sunday morning


A terrible weekend for surf, with smallish onshore waves Saturday and a larger building mix of swells Sunday as onshore winds continued to create poor conditions.

Today however the surf was on the ease and much better with lumpy waves in the 6ft range across the South West, 2-3ft around Mandurah and 2ft in Perth.

This week (Oct 11 - 14)

The SW swell seen across the state this morning will continue to ease into tomorrow and further Wednesday morning.

Conditions will be much cleaner across all locations, though Margs will offer the only decent size. Easing sets are due from 4ft or so tomorrow, tiny around Perth, with smaller surf again Wednesday morning.

E/SE offshores are due tomorrow ahead of afternoon sea breezes, with a fresh E/NE tending NE breeze Wednesday.

Into Wednesday afternoon a small increase in SW groundswell is due, generated in our far swell window just west of Heard Island. Exposed reefs around Margs should reach an inconsistent 4-6ft later Wednesday, easing back through Thursday. Perth isn't due to get above 1ft+ or so.

Onshore winds are due to kick in Thursday though, from the NW tending W/NW through the day. This will be linked to a mid-latitude front moving in from the west, bringing with it a mid-period and weak W/SW swell.

This swell should build Friday to an average 6ft or so with W/NW tending W/SW winds, and 2ft in Perth.

Into the weekend, the W/SW swell will ease but some inconsistent background SW groundswell should steady waves heights across most regions. Onshore winds from the S/SW will persist with cleaner conditions Sunday but easing surf from 4-5ft and 1ft respectively.

Longer term a stronger SW groundswell is due Tuesday but a freshening onshore breeze is more than likely. More on this Wednesday.