Cannabis Legislation

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overthefalls started the topic in Tuesday, 29 Sep 2020 at 9:03am

New Zealand goes to the polls on October 17 to vote on cannabis legislation, which makes me wonder when, if ever, Australia will get to have a say in the matter. Supposing there was a similar referendum in Australia, how would you vote and what would be your reasons?

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Supafreak Saturday, 8 Oct 2022 at 9:16am
truebluebasher wrote:

Joe's feel good mid term Chill Out is a Cop Out for those still Locked Out!

Joe's Dopey Pardon only pardons 6,500 VIPs convicted of Flying a little too High from 1992-2021

Get a good whiff of these US 2018/19 (Potty Pardon Stats)...
2018 Texas 'legalized' Pot Production & this dropped 2019 arrests by 18% or 50,000 less.
2019 Personal Users were 92% or 505,395 / 545,602 US Cannabis Crimes (vs) Violent Crimes 495,871

2022 Joe's Pardon of 6,500 VIP Brats from 1992 -2021 > Sounds great & buys #1 World Headline?
Which in turn smells fishy & requires opening of another can of worms...Ok! Stand back...a lot further...
6,500 pardons over 30 years x 650,000 (Approx Personal Use Conviction) = 0.03% Pardons / 19.5m
[Fact Check] US Personal Use > 1988 / 763K > 1989 / 843K > 1990 / 690K .... ( 2018 / 595K )
Compare 18% ongoing pardons by default by adopting Texas Legalization alone.

Joe is not dreaming of pardoning millions of dirty stinking rotten scum of the earth recreational users.

6,500 Big End of Town CEO's are simply bankrolling pardons for their Brats from The Big House.
Joe is basically handing out Get outta Jail Free Cards for Yuppie Stoners! (Not Black Kidz in Da Hood!)

USA still refuse to welcome the world at large or allow many US citizens the right to return home.

The Pardon strictly covers Fed Crimes which rarely if ever if ever relate to 'personal use'.
Those being from 1992 - 2021

Joe still hates all you everyday Pot Heads...Most Wanted List includes....
Joe is Pardoning 0.03% of Personal Users...(Check recent CEO Donor's list for these Lucky Bratz?)

US Feds still refuse Entry to any Visitor convicted of Pot or admission of absorbing Pot as Fetus.
Any Expat or US citizen charged with a Spliff abroad will be denied Entry alongside Unvaxed
Fortress USA is alive & kicking...choose Potty Exemption Pack from the Mid Term Shop Cart!

Joe's Pardon releases the Big End Town Purse Strings he's not lifting his boot from the Stoner's necks.

Thanks for that TBB , I should’ve remembered that if it sounds too good to be true then ……….