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surfatnorth79 started the topic in Tuesday, 11 Jun 2019 at 10:35am

I have recently purchased a twinny from and tried to purchase fins at the same. I have never left a review of anything before (long time listener, first time caller!!) on any forum.

Like alot of people these days, I do most of my shopping online. So I wanted to buy a twinny and thought I would try out That was my first mistake. Blake from was quick to reply to emails during working out the details of the board and payment, and he said it would take 4 week to make.

After 4 weeks i emailed to asked how the board was going. No response to my email, so 2 weeks later I sent another polite email, again no response. Cut a long story short. it took over 2 months to the board and the glassing / finish was poor quality, there was hand prints over the board that a good fine sanding would have fixed.

The big issue was getting fins. Blake from sent me an email (just when I got the board) stating the price of the fins. I transferred the money and sent my response email stating I had transferred the money, 2 hours after Blake's email. no fins were sent and no response was received for 2 weeks, so i sent an polite email seeing where the fins were, no response. A week later another follow up email, and Instagram DM, requesting he refund the money asap. Blake finally replied and agreed to transfer the money. It took another 2 weeks (5 weeks all up) for him to transfer the money back and some more pointed messages - well he kept $15 of the $119 originally paid, I guess he charged me a tax for dicking me around.

It is the worse retail experience I have had online, and I left this review so no one else has to deal with these issues. Support your local shaper, I just ordered a gun from Wizstix and the board and experience is great.

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chimpsdontsurf commented Wednesday, 10 Jul 2019 at 4:16pm

This supplier is awful and customer service is none existent once they have your money. Avoid at all costs. I never leave reviews either, but these guys are so bad I don't want other people to lose any money. Really really really bad. Don't do it. Go see your local shaper.

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morg commented Sunday, 14 Jul 2019 at 12:36pm

As a side issue, how does the board go and what fins did you end up using?

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crg commented Monday, 15 Jul 2019 at 11:28am

I just don't understand how someone buys a board online. I just have to feel and smell the board in the factory. Just have to talk to the shaper. It's such a personal experience. I would feel somehow robbed filling in a form on a computer.
Having said all of that, it's good for people to have these reviews available if that's the way they get a new board.
Hope you get some good ones on your new board North79.

I'm not cheap,
But I'm free.

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Pigdoggaaa commented Saturday, 20 Jul 2019 at 7:25am

Hey North79,

I had a very similar experience with Blake. I saw a couple of his boards online and thought I’d give them a go, one being a twinny the other a short board.

Quick to respond whilst sorting out the dimensions of both boards I appreciated his help and decided to deposit for 2. A 40% deposit too!
I’m in business myself and had my doubts so before paying I checked his ABN, business history etc.. it seemed all good so I proceeded to order. After 4 weeks he said my boards would be available to pick up as they have been delivered too Sydney so I go to pick them up and find that the twinny is exactly as requested but the shorted board is the wrong dimensions. I spoke to his dad whom I was picking them up from and the. Blake on the phone stating that I’m only paying for the twinny so I paid the remaining price only for 1 board. Blake has said that he will be re sending me my other board and I can the. Pay for that when it arrives but I have sent off various emails to him asking him where it is and have still had no reply.

Then I stumbled across your review and kind of felt lucky as my twinny is overall a good surfboard.

Not too sure what’s going on with Mettal but I’d avoid using hem for any more boards. unfortunate because the Twinny is really nice.

Just thought I’d post it up as I ordered my board around the same time May/June and felt the experience and customer service was absolutely shocking.

Wiz stix make some nice boards ey, hopefully you have more luck with him!