Buying land in Sumbawa

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tjnz started the topic in Saturday, 13 Jun 2015 at 10:03am

Im looking at buying an acre or 3 in Sumbawa just looking at forums and listening to stories can you really trust people in these days and ages? I think i can, maybe im naive ? im heading over in Aug 2015 to look at the land and meet the people who own the land they have land certificates and lawyers details to help make a swift and hopefully trouble free process... Im looking at Hak Sewa so i am trusting a person to fascilitate this process has anyone got some ideas on what else i may need to make this trouble free? Land certs, lawyers papers and we will be hiring locals to help build the villas and help look after the land making it an eco off the grid set up? Do i need to build walls to keep people out? security issues? Also there is a mine site on Sumbawa does anyone know what company etc? Any light on the subject would be very greatly appreciated... NZ born living on Sunshine Coast looking at a retirement holiday life with my Family... Im there for the right reasons, looking to help the locals however i can and be part of their culture...

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thermalben commented Sunday, 14 Jun 2015 at 5:18am

TJNZ, we've got a few articles and existing forum threads on this. First up, read Phil Jarrat's article:

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Then, Danny Carney's article:

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Goofyfoot then started this thread:

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And there's also this thread by rightsfordays:

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Hopefully they'll answer your questions. It's probably easier to ask your questions inside those last two forum threads, so that everything is in the one location for future readers. As such I'll close this thread.