Vaccinate or not

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Supafreak started the topic in Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020 at 6:20pm

I was a little shocked at Alan Joyce (CEO Qantas) announcement that international travelers will be required to have a covid 19 vaccination in order to travel on Qantas flights . The government wanted to have mandatory vaccination but after the bumbling of its release ( it was painful to watch the delivery of that announcement ) they withdrew the mandatory part but it seems Qantas and other business may demand a vaccination in order to use their services. I’m not anti vaccine by any means I just don’t trust this government or a vaccine that has been rushed through. A jab followed by another jab followed by yearly jabs doesn’t sit well with me as I have never had a flu shot or the flu for more than 20 years. Plus I don’t want to give this shot to my healthy 4 year old daughter. She is up to date with all her vaccinations but this covid vaccine is new and not being around for decades like the others. Tuberculosis remains the number one as far diseases go and you don’t need proof of vaccination to travel so what is going on ?

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Pop Down Wednesday, 17 Apr 2024 at 10:37am


Well done mate !

The Truth Lion will go after the WHO , after it's finished with Fauci .

That the WHO was working against World Health ( with WEF Support ) , was a Big Conspiracy theory .

Another 1 , bites the dust !

On a positive note , I heard there had been NO Deaths from Covid , in Australia , a month or so , ago .

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sypkan Thursday, 18 Apr 2024 at 11:32pm

what is with these people, marxists, climate change activists, and activist generally still wearing masks?

its all just a bit odd... like a safety blanket, or something they all just way over invested in and cannot let go...

it certainly doesn't convey an impression of mental wellness

fwiw, I'm not an anti masker, but this cult like adherence is just odd...

and, what I'd really love to know... are these people aware the virus was likely man made, and came from a chinese lab...

are such topics still taboo amongst this set?

do they consider this and talk about it... or is there this silence compliance ritual going on?

it's all just too weird...

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truebluebasher Saturday, 20 Apr 2024 at 9:07pm

72 y'o Dutchman got Multiple Covid Shots...
Transplant recipient suffered from Blood Disease.
Was not infected before vaccinations > Feb 2022 got infected with Omicron

Despite multi Vax Doses + interventions + Sotrovimab
After 21 days > the virus resisted.

Patient remained Covid [+] with HIGH VIRAL LOADS.
Endured 50 Covid Viral Mutations over 613 Days.
(Surpassing UK man {rip} 505 day record) Sadly the Dutchman also died!

Multivaxed Dutchman's Covid turned into an {ULTRA MUTATED VARIANT}.
Experts think Omicron emerged in a similar way!

Importance to continually Test similar Vaxed / immuno patients
Vaxed Mutations enhanced ability to evade immune defences becoming a public health threat.

Research also showed 24% of [+] US adults felt symptoms after 3 months!

Wastewater Samples have also reported individuals shedding mutated virus > 4 years
Such persistent infections may be causing Long Covid.

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truebluebasher Sunday, 21 Apr 2024 at 12:19am

Noting this is the earliest prompt re-posting of Predicted Vax Breakthru response!
For whatever reason it's best to be informed either not at all, or sooner than later, but never too late.
tbb is not clever enough to know how this plays out >
Only that June was mentioned when Geert was pressed!
Let's all pray this dire outcome is delayed or suppressed entirely.

With that said...this is what Mass response is recommended to ward off Hivicron.
Mass Vax GOF immune escape variants mutate into repeat infectious virulent Hivicron.
Adaptive immunity fails to recognize infectious Hybrids > soon can't defend against intra virulent strain.
Read (above) 50 mutations in 613 days in just one vaxer > some mutating for 4 years...
Easy to see Mass Vax > Mass mutated Covid
(Here) Realtime Tracking of now some 3895 Mutations
Whatever odds of a more virulent breakthru strain are fast approaching...more sooner than later!
Don't need to be a scientist to see that Mass mutated shitfuckery has us on the hot rails to hell.,2024-04-...

19 April 2024 "Voice for Science & Solidarity!"
Geert : "Given the severity of my Predictions, I'm often asked what steps to take?"

As soon as any country experiences a surge in cases of "Enhanced Covid"

Doomsday Drug Combo was chosen for Safety / Mass Availability / Affordability.

*Prophylactic ( Pre Outbreak)
Script : [ Ivermectin daily dose = 0.5-0.6mg/kg ] (3 months Supply)

(Cell based Innate Training from Live Attenuated ~ Natural Killer Cell Vax's)
This script should act as Frontline Covid Defence

*Take Dose closer to the anticipated Hyperacute Phase of Pandemic.
Script: [Live attenuated Measles Vax (Combo) Mumps / Rubella is also Ok.]

The idea being to team AV Vaxed + Unvaxed A Team immunity to fast track Herd Immunity.
No more feeding the beast them mRNA pop tarts...
We slow or break the Mass Vaxerz Mass Mutation cycle to a slow crawl to isolated pockets
Simply to corner it & use what mass cheap AV drugs we can get our hands on, to kill it.

As said...just sharing this for earliest warning given...trying to help Vaxerz...
Avoid last minute hysteria.
All agree Geerts predictions are to give max warning with precious little time to prepare.
Question is more obvious > Ask why WHO doesn't have an Emergency back up plan in place?
[Expert Factcheckerz] : (All remain Silent!) Not our Job!

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Pop Down Sunday, 21 Apr 2024 at 7:03am


Gosh - So the Dutch are like Our Canary in a Coal Mine , again ?

Geerts sure has a Lot on His Plate , I really hope he is UP 4 it .

Maybe , the Gain of Function Research WAS , part the MOST sinister , Hitler like Plan , after all .

The Cull !

Gosh , I hope I am Double Dutch again , and am Wrong , again .

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truebluebasher Sunday, 21 Apr 2024 at 8:53am

Cheers Pops...just scored more Disease X breakthru news > out today...

(Note) Uptick sees Hospital Dashboards fast changing or being wiped (More on that soon!)

72% Experts agree Disease X will mutate from 1 of 2 most heavily vaccinated viruses.

Disease X = Flu 57% and/or Covid 15% (vs) Novel 21%

Disease X = Recapping Geert's response.

Rudimentary Response in 2 parts...

[51:40] 'New' Max Vax mutated Coronavirus "Hivicron" will have a completely different profile.
Disease X would be a direct consequence of Mass Vaxed evolving immune escape.

[54:45] Mass Vaxed triggers hyperactive immune response pressure on Universal Peptide.
Mass Vax adaptive response > mutates Symptomatic Flu into new Asymptomatic spread of Flu.

In short...mRNA dysregualted immune response good or bad crosses over to mutate Universal Viruses.

(Above) Likewise to reverse the effect...
Geert recommends Live Attenuated Vax to reboot / restore Vaxer'z dormant frontline immunity.
Frontline response would trigger a natural Symptomatic Response to ward off others to curb Pandemic!

No more Mass Vaxed Zombies lurking amongst us...Put an end to VIP 21st Mutation Parties!
"My VIP 21st breakthru outbreak Party was no more rad than Norm's Bubonic Plague Parade...Wotz the big deal!"
Try yer Luck in the XXXX ice bath...Dig deeper for that Corona-19 original take the edge off!

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Pop Down Sunday, 21 Apr 2024 at 10:01am



I really pray , the 72% of the Experts are Wrong , again !

Fauci , WHO , WEC and Gates MAY B the One's , who thought X might Help the World Cope , with Over Population .

When I read this first , years ago , I thought The Human Cull , a Huge Conspiracy Theory , and thought , Surely NOT !

It now is happening , X unfortunately , Marks the Spot , it has become Reality .

No X will mark my shoulder , 4 a Vax 4 X !

No wonder people want to come 2 Australia .

Poor Africa .

Terrible news TBB , but thanks mate !

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batfink Sunday, 21 Apr 2024 at 9:33pm

Yes, we’re all going to die.

Get over it.

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Hiccups Monday, 22 Apr 2024 at 7:22am

Is Pop Down a real person?

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truebluebasher Friday, 26 Apr 2024 at 10:06pm

Happy World immunization Week

Oz Outbreak update
Repeating Seasonal Covid starts Mid March over all years 2020/21/22/23/24
Rises in > Vax > WW >Testing [+] % Cases >AV >Data Delays-Censorship >Hospitalizations > Deaths
All of this is happening right now & it's perfectly normal...
tbb will review in parts...Why tbb...coz ya got no choice...who else is Orchestrating a Rollout review?
Exactly...We wing it...if any anomaly should out itself...tbb will have a crack at it...knock it on the head!
Most will explain themselves but not all...them ones spell trouble & yes! tbb came upon one or two!

Part 1 (Happy Oz Vax Rollout Review)
Govt Vax Advice

NZ planned for Vaxing current outbreak & ordered Vax in Dec 2023

9th March Bulletin (Moderna Youth Vax Allocations were reduced to ensure equitable distribution!)
Additional orders may not be approved..Expires 30th April no longer get the Orange Cap brew!

15th Mar 2024 Slow seasonal rise in pre Easter Vax (Drop & Halt @ Easter w/ said Normal..Ok!)
Since Easter > Vax has been ramping higher each day at same pace as Outbreak spreads...(Normal!)

(Jan -April 2024) Booster Rollout priority...(Note : '6mth' = Full Vaxed Aged Care @ 42.2%)
Aged care 72.7% > 75+ 38.1% > NDIS 25.8% > 65-74 22.9% > VIP Postcodes #% > o's 15.1% > CBD #% > Migrants 11.5 > 1st Nation 11% > Adults 3.5% > Kidz 2%
#% = See LGA link Below (Forged from companion Govt Data set to add communal context)

o's Anomaly requires Explanation...All say Aye...Well...let's have a crack then! Don't laugh...we got this!
Firstly...2024 o's Covid Record High > Nov 43% Feb 45.2% > March 46.3% April 44.3% (Massive run!)
Just saying this is rising by 7% year > Now 6mth long record outbreak...just keeps on coming = Crisis!
Pause: To think very soon Oz will spend more on rising % of majority o's patients....Oz imports most [+]
Govt would be plugging Students / Health Staff whoever with whatever to hide rising Global [+] rate!
o's / Migrants = SEQ Start of outbreak Aged Care Staff 347 [+] > SEQ Regional Hospital Staff 6 [+]
Current Aged care Staff 468 [+] > Regional Hospitals ...apply outbreak % from above = 8 [+]?
That translates to a current minimum 1-2,000 [+] Health Staff Oz Wide...all can plainly see that. Yes!

High o's / Migrant Vax represents Relief Health Staff as many States / Aged Care still mandate Vax.
WA / Qld permit Unvaxed Staff > NSW / SA Health are considering...
Fair to assume a jump in o's / Migrant Vax represents [+] surge relief...(Again...Not new > normal!)
All crew know that States poach interstate & o's Health Staff thru Outbreaks! All say Aye
Clearly with record o's % [+] + Current rising outbreak of [+] Health Staff covers o's anomaly...Say Yes!

1st Nation in above Rollout order...
Metro / Regional First Nation Aged Care are still more boosted than Avg aged regional Aussies > Kids!
Again ...most Senior / at risk First Nation live in Metro / regional Oz and prioritized 2x / vax year.
Average Oz Kidz-Adults only need 1 vax / year (Again ...not unusual...explains order!)

Boosted States by Order > also represented below in same order to expose any clear anomalies
Eg : 2024 Booster order Tas > ACT > SA> Vic > NSW > Qld > WA > NT
Anomaly > SA have been shaping data in best possible light > (eg: Possibly higher Vax Orders)
They also have less Staff base but high [+]...could be a lot of o's / Kiwi Vax numbers in here!
Just saying Qld / SA do not like sharing 2024 if they seem a bit ahead of themselves...well!
It seems a little odd and needs further scrutiny..(Eg : Qld are pushin' more AV scripts so maybe Vax!)
Let's say there is a push to ramp Pfizer Vax/Pax combo to kill off Long's a thing!

This reads as Capital CBDs
Hbrt 16.4% Cnbra 24.7% Adlde 13.2% Mbne 8.3% Syd 8.4% Bne 10.7% Perth 9.4% Drwn 6.9%
Anomaly Explanation :
Canberra / Hobart are way more centralized as to surrounding State' Cities.
Mbne / Syd (Commercial CBD) re: Vic / NSW have many more inner wealthy high Vaxed Postcodes!
Highest Boosted are wealthiest senior havens in Seachange > [CBD] > Lakes > Hills > Valleys

So yes! This anomaly is exaggerated by Centralization and Wealthy Enclave-Higher Staff ratio!
Check Oz wide...we see privilege but it's kept within 10% but certainly rises as Rollout progresses
So we see VIP Rollout creep over time...consider a few years > be like only the rich end of town Vax!
Not just saying that > any can view the same if they so choose...(tip) Wealthy are over 10% Vaxed.
tbb is only here to warn of this soon VIP reality...not to demonize what is clearly not an evil plan!

Least Boosted Aussies were First Nation
Full Vaxed / pop : ACT 7% > Tas 6% > Vic 5% (Metro 4% > Regional 2%)
Non Vaxed / pop : WA 12% Qld 17% SA 18%
Within own groups > 60-69= 9% > 70-79 =18% > 80+ =23%

Again any continued effort of 2% Full Vaxing of remote Oz is not surprising...
Compare only 10% of Vic / SA indigenous Voted in own elections...again, Oz knows the difficulty!
Just as VIPs can access more the Remote peoples get less > over time this Gap Widens.

UN review would Rank Oz Rollout as fastest growing gap in Worlds Indigenous Health!
What don't seem like an anomaly soon outs itself even with tbb trying to explain it's normal.
This perfectly examples how a Health Crisis unfolds even under best scrutiny!
tbb earlier said that the Rollout is orchestrated as a dance partner to the virus...each naturally evolve.
We're only human & often means we least see our own lives play out...then ya wake up one day...Shit!

Lets say Experts are right > Mostly wealthy Boomers survive as record numbers of First Nation dies!
In otherwords...if Vax works then who would want to live in such a be an idle rich plaything!
Sure! If crew wanna celebrate the greatest injustice by mankind...go for it!
Again...all see this was never Orchestrated to end like this...there is no evil intent in the above rollout.
Just human nature dictating the Rollout for better or worse...
By changing dynamics of Human nature we change the Rollout Orchestration & Virus will respond.
We still decide who lives and dies & in what order & what point in time...that never changes!

Anyhow...just thought that since Vax is rising it warranted review...likely the only review on offer!
Don't think it's strange that it comes from unvaxed person...that was explained...on outside looking in!
tbb dug deeper than most & more than happy to is what it is > rolls on for some time to come!

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truebluebasher Saturday, 27 Apr 2024 at 1:42am

22nd April 2024 : (Pod) A truly wild outbreak of epic proportion...well worth a listen.
The "Evolving Nature" of the New Bird Flu...(No! Not just talking about birds, but all wild critters & us!)

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Pop Down Saturday, 27 Apr 2024 at 3:31am

Great work TBB

The FDA ( IF reliable ) found the bird flu in 20% of samples tested in milk sold retail .

Where did this bloody fly in from .

Most Hawaiians I have chatted 2 think Fauci a lunatic !

COVID freaked everyone out !

Like Byron Bay , many Rich a Famous, have bought a Hideaway here , forcing out locals .

Trying to unstiffen everything , two surfs at Sunset Point yesterday and will B heading out again soonish imho :)

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Pop Down Saturday, 27 Apr 2024 at 3:55am

A Pop off .

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Pop Down Saturday, 27 Apr 2024 at 3:58am

Old Pop is not The Oldest Goat out at Sunset .

First session there I met a Local who gave me some great advice , as we waited 4 the west peaks to come in .

He was Randy and was 10ish years older than me and Surfs Sunset , nearly every day .

I found out he was an Unreal Legend .

Randy Raddick still charges !!!

Chatted to a guy at Rocky Point yesterday as I was designated photographer .

I asked him if he surfed lol !

Liam runs the Eddy and Slater , somehow , beat him in the Pipe Final ( a rip off imho ) in 72 , 2 win his first .

There is only one Home of Surfing !

The North Shore !

Nothing else happens here :)

Except for the Turtles laying eggs on the beaches !

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goofyfoot Saturday, 27 Apr 2024 at 6:11am
Pop Down wrote:

Old Pop is not The Oldest Goat out at Sunset .

First session there I met a Local who gave me some great advice , as we waited 4 the west peaks to come in .

He was Randy and was 10ish years older than me and Surfs Sunset , nearly every day .

I found out he was an Unreal Legend .

Randy Raddick still charges !!!

Chatted to a guy at Rocky Point yesterday as I was designated photographer .

I asked him if he surfed lol !

Liam runs the Eddy and Slater , somehow , beat him in the Pipe Final ( a rip off imho ) in 72 , 2 win his first .

There is only one Home of Surfing !

The North Shore !

Nothing else happens here :)

Except for the Turtles laying eggs on the beaches !

Slater made the final at Pipe the year he was born!
Never let the truth get in the way of a good story eh pop.

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truebluebasher Saturday, 27 Apr 2024 at 12:29pm

Experts : Wastewater is the most reliable way of tracking intra / interstate outbreaks.
As soon as Pollies rollout mass migration the WW data gets delayed > recalibrated or censored.
Part 2 (a) Wastewater ~ US Prototype Killing Machine.

Can Salute pops...his interest just earned an "Exclusive swellnet US data set" Watch this ....

Been workin' at it for a make it sound easy...still not easy enough for GOP...Huh!
US WW data is important as it tracks all states throughout pandemic...amongst best WW data sets.
During the Closed borders migrants built in numbers > US Migration hit record levels 3m in 2023.
Republicans are weary of Biden's Executive Order Motor Voter Act...
Mostly coz there are many loopholes to Stack migrants & fast track citizenship to Vote sooner.
US / Oz recently legislated Direct Enroll with each Medicare longer need Address.
Meaning join / serve in Defense to build weapons in swing states...only Republicans can't unlock where!

CDC Wastewater shows exactly how why & when..if ya put in the time...all is revealed...
tbb earlier explained how to use CDC data to track Outbreaks via Iconic Hot Spots along E-W routes.
Pop recalls tbb demonstrated how Data zeros in on Border town migration Testing ramping [+] Spike!
Also shared how CDC were testing WW / Planes + certain International Airports...

tbb back checked news articles to CDC WW airports & sure enough each spike matched migration.
Exactly...[News] 100's of migrants over-spill waiting areas...sleeping o/n at each of these Airports.
Flows onto Immigration centres backing up same Airports > Default Sleep / crimes @ Police Stations.
Note : This is important...Dem Frontline are pissed off & aligning with Thin Blue Line MAGA Rhetoric!
Canada /Spain Long Covid deprived factory hands > US were people smuggling out Central Latinos...

With that said one can plot Interstate migration that spiked > merged > rode the tail end of waves.
Migration that Spiked or forced outbreaks is pure political > merging is legit > back-loading a ploy.
So knowing this, each state's CDC WW data shows when each migration wave sparked outbreaks.

Is tbb over thinking this, is Joe that transparent & GOP that stupid...Salute Pop's exclusive to find out.

Jan : North Dakota (prototype)...Massive WW spike...#%*! Fuck...pull the data..Now! [Censor]
Kinda stands out like dog's balls don't it...a little bit too lethal...Oops! Genecide...order more Pax! Now!
Joe tried weening off his lethal Spikes but clearly still killed off far too many ahead of US outbreaks...
June : Kentucky's Spikes were slightly less Evil but can't hide the fact it's a killing machine!
Aug : Old Arkansas Prez was asked to join the Mass cull...check it out Kill Kill Kill.

Here's Joe's Naughty but Nice Covid Spike Mass Killing Spree.
[Closet Psychopaths] N Carolina / Pennsylvania
[Lethal Spikes] N Dakota [eSafety Commisioner Censored] + Delaware ( Prez NYE Signature Spike)
[Serial Killers] Georgia / S. Dakota / Alabama + (2023/4) Iowa
[Spiking Invasion] Kentucky
[Genocide] (2022) Minnesota > (Late '23) Arkansas

Murderous Plot :
Earliest Largest Migrations > Fuel States with earliest largest Covid waves
Peak Covid
Later smaller Migrations > Fuel States with later lesser Covid waves...usually have higher 2024 [+]
These states were reluctant to take migrants, all still gotta full flush Joe's 3m WW overflow spike

Hawaii: Good example of Joe Bullying > backing off then asking for a mop up...C'mon guys! (Cough!)

Part 1 explained how Rollouts are naturally orchestrated > WW shows the hand of man meddling.
Here we clearly see the Mass migration fuelling > prolonging Outbreaks
We all know Big Pharma is tipped off standing ready to Mass Vax > mass incubation fuelling outbreaks.

Now ask why these premeditated outbreaks of disease & mass death were never alerted to US pubic.
Poor bastards were cowering as it was...Incoming Executive Lethal Spike Routine...
Instead US Govt clearly delayed and censored data for their deliberate Pandemic Migration outbreaks.

CDC were accused of delaying & thinning data > Only recently does CDC share realtime WW data
Sure! CDC very much control & switch which WW plants they're to cool down or divert!
CDC usually track Migrant intake Zones delaying reads towards boil [Censor] divert to outbound trace.

Sydney very much follow US CDC lead...they'll track the Migrant Wave but recalibrate Peak overflow.
Both US + Oz contrive outbreaks but reduce tests > delay tracking on the rise....(see Part 2b)
Better still can check in with Victoria Health...(Outbreak > Oops so sorry 2-4-6 wk 'WW' data delay )
Identical to BOM...goes off line at stormfront...nothing to see > rears down > resume normal service!
This is no accident people > Fuelling & Controlling fear factor is #1 Industry! re: eSafety Commissioner!

One can choose to read the politics behind such evil minds...
Swing Seats / States > Kill off GOP Veterans while stacking new younger Dem Defense Family Voters!
Cool down...just exampling what level of Evil is playing out before all our eyes & who reports this..
Where are our Experts to Explain Massive Outbreak Variation across all states...(All been paid off!)
STFU...Sworn to secrecy...tell no one of next week's Executive mass Covid Cull...Kill Kill Kill!

Aussie Waste Water gets a Right Royal Half Flush in Part 2 (b)
Tip...When & why was Oz WW stopped... all recall when it was code red Nationwide...go figure!
Nothing to see...our experts have got this...'coughing fit'!

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velocityjohnno Sunday, 28 Apr 2024 at 2:43pm

Thanks tbb, makes sense with huge influx of people viral spikes will come with that. Is it really that lethal? Is there a significant spike in deaths after each WW-signalled influx?

Vic has moved fortnightly, next on 3rd May. Waste water suggests increase, with the seasonal change .

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 28 Apr 2024 at 7:50pm

Good Point vj...important to ask as tbb did portray such...tried researching as far as CDC permits.
The plan is lethal as it fast tracks virus faster away from original strain vax protection.
As US was reopening with original vax defence to a wave of new mixed combo mutated break thrus.
Be near impossible to prove if Outbreaks led to many mass deaths...but can example a pattern.

Govt ensured Auto Medicaid affords privacy to migrants + testing mandate ended.
CDC had lifted o/s Test mandate as Wastewater recordings were starting minimise correlation!

All those rare Early mandated 2022 WW Spikes did however reflect following cases > deaths.
Can only Check any early 2022 Spikes above National Average to following > month's death data...
One can point to responsive rises in deaths more than not...more longer lesser waves of deaths
eg : Hawaii / Kentucky / Minnesota / Pennsylvania all record early 2022 WW spikes > Mid 2022 deaths.

Point being...we're not meant to correlate any connection...that's why we see lesser proto migration ...
These samples tbb shared are no way the largest but rather the earliest pre open / tested Waves
Kinda like test waves before testing ended > WW Started...these would be washed thru without mandatory record.

There's enough to know there is correlation that mirrors many is, likely undetermined.
One can very much argue any Larger spike led to more / many deaths...that follows above pattern.
Not saying one can't access crew can see example...
Just how much ya wanna see is to each their own...possible to dig out large Migration / Deaths.
Not tbb's point to out biggest cull, that's 'censored'...only to share how CDC / Govt went about it!

*One can equally argue that US were compelled to race on the back of omicron, come what may!
It's how they went about it that's alarming...crew can see the forceful haphazard nature of Covid Migration!
Just plain maniacal it health expert sanctions that...purely political override!
Doesn't exactly portray "Expert" response...more like keep it coming however, whenever!

Here's an example of same era Oz > 2022 waves...all are very why was US like popcorn?
Crew may recall at the time tbb reported a few times that all states maxed out wastewater at once.
There were no weak links...all was orange > red! Reflecting these cases...
More on Oz WW next time!

Thanks for reading vj...happy to answer wot anomaly where no expert avails...most is common sense!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 29 Apr 2024 at 1:08pm

Australia's Wastewater Sampling Network numbers 100 > 150 sites.
National reviews are conducted and no surprises...
CDNA states most testing is only between outbreaks & varies during outbreaks..(eg : Censored)
Backs up exactly what tbb or any would what are they hiding & why.

CDNA clearly promote a National Network with Entry Port Testing > Tracking of Virus/s
ColoSSoS : Collaboration on Sewage Surveillance of SARS-COV-2 Project.

There are enough test sites to run Virus free national import-export Emergency Stock/Supply route/s
Only tbb feels he's shooting for the moon in that why is it only 3 states report.
Indeed the current Govt also seeks a Nat'Grid but swears only 2 states (WA/Vic) are reporting!
Totally discounts ongoing weird arse contrived NSW WW what gives? Huh!

Here's the state of play...
June/July 2022 these states / # sites went off grid : Tas 6 / ACT 8 / Qld 18 / NT 20 / SA 28
Just pretending there once was a grid for Sampling Covid as each state were walled off & none spoke!
National Grid proposed is pretty fucking basic with no base aim as tbb shared...
Covid Tracking States : WA 8 / Vic 33 + NSW 4/22 sites maybe...changes that often > who could tell.

So it seems like a dead end cause...but no!
6 July 2022 Oz borders reopened > Sure, the best reason for WW tracking as did US CDC.

Things get interesting around this time of year for next 2 biggest states...SA / Qld...
Shutting down WW in July 2022 in readiness for World pioneering annual WW Testing...Huh!
August is SewAust since 2009 SA/ Qld tests 62-100 sites for Illicit Drug use of 57% of population.
Feel free to wade in & tipple yer Drug of Choice...Lets just say Qld goes better with Coke!

ALP are prioritising War on China > Golden Triangle so Qld / SA WW sites were Weaponized
WW Tracking of Triad Gangs Ice Supply Lines...possibly explains why NSW WW data is so stoned.
Yes! The real deal... Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission [National Ice Taskforce]

So back to the current Covid Sampling...
NSW said they switched from early tracking to VOC trends...again might explain weird reads.
But thru time also changed Volumetrics of Data > any/all flow is corrupted...even numbers'Stacks change.
tbb got sick of redrafting new make believe data...just look and shake head now...nothing of worth!
Possibly the reason Feds say only WA / Vic run Covid WW sampling.

Sure...World's #1 International Gateway Airport by pop % must surely rate as #1 WW Choice!
Exactly the reason why it's kept off grid & why NSW WW data is often recalibrated to prevent tracking.
Take no time at all for media to demonize what migration for what new crisis...that simple!
Very powerful tool as tbb exposed US Migrant can backtrack news titles > waves etc.
Massive #1 Border Patrol Check Point ain't gonna feature in weekly Covid Dashboard.
Govt pays departments on many levels to heavy massage migration waves...nothing to see people!
Also the fact that Govt Wastewater is contracted out to bidders to also safeguard innocence!
Nope! Not making that up...big can't intervene or cross reference privacy!

NSW Health do however keep & share o/s PCR sample testing...Salute!
It's more so Hiding WW PostCode ID > Not upsetting the Property Council > Student Accom etc...
Interesting to share these pre lockdown Stats as they forecast potential o's Viral load limitation.
We can also gauge where we are on international Covid Scale...

Overseas Covid % of Oz [+] This data is calculated independently for exacting readings of that period!
NSW provid Yearly % Prog totals...these are tbb's weekly % figures that form these natural waves!
2020 Outbreak Exodus > 30 May 62.4% > 11 July 62.1% > 12 Sept 55.1% > Xmas 57.8%
2021 : 27 March High v 24 April Low ^ 17 June 61.15% (Vax Only Entry) Massive Drop 11 Sept 10%
2022 : 7 Jan 1% (Data Ends) 21 May 16.3% (v^) 20 Aug 19.7% (v^) [Oct o's Students] Xmas 43.1%
2023 : 7 Jan 43.4% v 20 May 23.3% >1 July 27.5% >2 Sept 19.6% (o's uni) 4 Nov 43% > Xmas 41.6%
2024 : 17 Feb 45.2% > 23 March 46.3% > 20 April 44.3%

Max Forecast of o's Covid [+] % (Factoring peak Exodus < > Peak Virus)

Current News RSV is running higher than Covid Outbreak
6 May 2023 Data starts
Peak o/s RSV #Cases 10 June @ 766 > Peak [+] % 12 Aug 52.79%
2024 Peak o/s RSV #Cases 2 March @ 1,876 [+]57.67 % (v^) 20 April 1,685 [+] 54.6%
Majority of current Peak RSV outbreak is from o's > spiking our current RSV Oz cases
We can assume there is more Covid / Flu / RSV overseas.
Clear example of why Govt choose to hide Airport WW data...Hot Potato would fuel Migration Crisis!

2024 o's Flu Peaks 17 Feb 47.15% > 20 April 46.89% (2023 only 1 o's wk was below 40%)

2024 All o's Viruses are currently peaking higher for longer with each & every day...
VOC / JN.1 is also rising higher > longer Global 98-100% NSW / WA / Vic / US + rising very high in NZ
NZ WW holds a similar high base level of Covid that perfectly matches NSW o's Nov 40% constant.

Vic Wastewater is now delayed by 2 weeks & is 2 weeks dated = 1 month behind any outbreak.
June 2022 CDNA did report Vic Dashboard could run delays of 28 days.
[factcheck] Former Vic CHO Sutto censored all back data > Now wiped after 4 reports (Tas Standard)
Interesting as Experts state that WW is used as an early pre tracker...someone please tell Vic...Yawn!
Repeating CDNA > All sites report well in Down Low period & 'Varied' (Censor) during all outbreaks!
Hard to be critical 'if' (Cough!) the Data checks out...let's not get carried away here!

Now tbb did manage to scoop just one backdated ww report from Oct 2023
(Happy to share rare gem!) Why is that important and see...
+ Current / Any recent Vic report for comparison...

Changes in Reporting
* Reports are being delayed from weekly to fortnightly
* 10 day WW data date delay has blown out from 10 to 15 days = 29 days behind!
* Chart was 5 marked /12mths > now 3 marked /16mths
* All WW / Hospital scales have dropped by 10-15% or 0.003 Concentration
* Hospitalizations are recalibrated from # Admissions > 7 day Avg
* Note also heavily bastardized-altered Hospital data
* The hospital data seems to reduce even more so since July...favouring more so the New CHO
* Vic has reduced Hospitalizations alongside Wastewater by scaling down Data by 10%.
(Recapping : This being hospitalizations in the WW comparison!)

Expert dodgy practice in NSW also > recalibrations/reshaping that shaves 10% off totals...nothing new here!
Once again any student's data / study papers would need to be binned to suit corruption!
As said...becomes exhausting wasting time of refiling highest order data! Change Again?

All that dodgy Expert shit cheating & censoring aside...
Vic is also showing a long high run of Covid that's rising from already record high start point.
Rising Hospitalizations reflect April improvement!
Without effort doubling the Volume of April 2023 Covid & none say a word! Truly Amazing Vax failure!

Does this East Coast Wastewater rise transfer across Country to WA...
Yes! We also see a rise at exact same time as last April also from a much higher start point
Also with rising WA hospitalizations equalling April 2023.
Sure the Data is 15 days old...that's as good Oz gets...Salute!

* Vax has spiked more o's Covid with less relief for longer communal outbreaks each year
* Vaxed Wastewater = Oz is Drowning in a sea of Covid more than last season.
* Very Soon if not already Oz will be drowning in a constant sea of 50% o's Covid / Flu / RSV.
* mRNA vax has flipped all Virus into Asymptomatic Year long Global outbreaks
* Fast forwarding Mass viral mutations inviting inevitable mass virulent happy ending!

No way in the world are Govt gonna share imported #1 Health Crisis. (Hosing down o's Accom' as it is!)
Current o's Viruses command year long 40-60% impost of Oz Viral Health budget.
That's a Heavy price to pay for Mass Vax fail.
#1 Migration Hub = #1 Viral Outbreak Fountain...
Pollies will wanna guard their fucked up Vax fail...tbb has demonstrated much WW data corruption.

Ask Why Health / Media Corporations fail to report mass Health corruption playing out before us!
Are they that stupid or all on the take...Fuckin' disgrace is what it is!
Health Data must surely by Sacrosanct not some Plaything for corrupt Experts...this is so wrong!

When if ever will Oz simply link Wastewater Networks to provide Viral free transit corridors.
Please simply just report yer wastewater plants...
tbb will run weekly Viral free corridors for Emergencies...will do it for free...
Yes! #1 important Job...let this disabled mental case do it for free to save yer VIP expert's arses!

Either Piss these Corrupt VIPs off or jail them...Covid is not over & it's not a fucking game!
Just admit the fact...Vax made all virus worse...clearly no Vaxer gives a shit...but many others do!
Someone, anyone just please do yer job without without lying, cheating & covering up fuck ups!
Yes! Can use this WW Review as an anchor to come back from the darkside...WTFU Oz!

PS : There is good intent behind these Dashboards & tbb will always Salute whatever good Data.
tbb & all only wish to be informed of outbreaks & Peak > longevity...A health service!
Have no desire to exhaust myself or crew to simply get this shitshow back on track...FFS!
Not point scoring...Happy to scrub the lot if Experts just came good & did their fucking jobs! Please!

Ask wot point of Govt / Senate Covid Inquiries if Current Data is still being corrupted now...Total Fuckup!
One day at a time...promise to go to work & return without cooking or burning science books.

velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Monday, 29 Apr 2024 at 8:13pm

lies, damned lies and statistics. Thanks again tbb for a lot of work done above.

So, basically, area that is largest petri dish keeps changing it's data collection method.

Vic still does look at the nadir of infections given deaths (which lag) and hospitalisations (data methodology changed). Noted it's higher than April last year.

Most recent spike of death rates in Vic was (averaged) around 50 per week.

Good on Vic and WA for publishing nonetheless. Hope you go well tbb, I'd suggest regional travel by car if you have to get anywhere without exposure. Generally speaking the fewer people that congregate, the less the risk of transmission. At some point it becomes less deadly to the vulnerable people - and lessening reported death spikes suggest this is happening (better treatment a possible cause too). I figured 5 years as a facsimile of the Spanish flu, but did read one article that it is not behaving that way, the suggesting of the mRNA making it year long and global is nasty. Hang in there all you vulnerable crew.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 30 Apr 2024 at 1:06am

Thanx VJ...more to come on Vic censoring Hospital Age Data also...they're concerned!
Vic Data censor is becoming a worrying sign...(Tip! Reckon the Fed Minister is behind it!)
But there is some more worrying news unfolding abroad...

26th April KP.2 Variant

Alarming Virulent Covid Outbreak News from Thailand
31 March-6th April Hospitalizations 728 > Deaths 3
7-13th April Hospitalizations 849 > Deaths 4
14-20th April Hospitalizations 1,004 > ICU 292 > Vents 101 > Deaths 3
21-27th April Hospitalizations 1,692 > ICU 390 > Vents 148 > Deaths 9
That spells trouble > Crisis...They're running outta beds > Alarming Situation.

Footnote > 18-25th April Oz Aged care > 34 deaths {r.i.p}
Just sharing the fact that Virulent Covid Strain is very much a major concern here & abroad!
So far it's mostly aged folk but it ain't no mild cough...keep well away & take care!

old-dog's picture
old-dog's picture
old-dog Tuesday, 30 Apr 2024 at 9:41am

@ ashham, so according to that article the AZ jab saved 17,760 people over 50 in NSW alone, about 6 million worldwide. Of the 50 million jabs in the U.K. 81 people died of TTS possibly caused by the jab. Stats show a 1 in 50,000 chance of developing TTS (usually non-fatal). They admitted when they rolled it out there would be very rare side effects for some people. Many health professionals say that is an acceptable safety profile and a far cry from the claims of many internet "experts" preaching a mass worldwide sudden death event. There are many drugs, legal and illegal that cause way more deaths than that so why the cult like fixation by some people on vaccines. More people die from stab wounds. Cheers.

ashsam's picture
ashsam's picture
ashsam Tuesday, 30 Apr 2024 at 10:12am

Guess you didn't have a relo die with blood clots vaxed with astrazenica.

Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater's picture
Jelly Flater Tuesday, 30 Apr 2024 at 10:43am

- old bog :
"More people die from stab wounds."

Wtf hahaha ;)
- getting jabbed was an enforced government mandate

Getting stabbed never was.
- what a farkn idiotic and completely illogical comparison.

(most knives can be described as 'safe' and 'effective' tho once you change the definition - however, if the government supplies you with a mandated knife wound, they are not responsible nor accountable for injury or death)

See old bog!
- makes perfect sense, it's as logical as this lovely archived clip of you offering more undisputed wisdom.

That beanie is almost holding ya brain together
- almost ;);)



ashsam's picture
ashsam's picture
ashsam Tuesday, 30 Apr 2024 at 10:51am
Jelly Flater wrote:

- old bog :
"More people die from stab wounds."

Wtf hahaha ;)
- getting jabbed was an enforced government mandate

Getting stabbed never was.
- what a farkn idiotic and completely illogical comparison.

(most knives can be described as 'safe' and 'effective' tho once you change the definition - however, if the government supplies you with a mandated knife wound, they are not responsible nor accountable for injury or death)

See old bog!
- makes perfect sense, it's as logical as this lovely archived clip of you offering more undisputed wisdom.

That beanie is almost holding ya brain together
- almost ;);)

Was going to say that re mandates but figured what's the point, if he doesn't get it by now he's a lost cause. Didn't want to go around in circles again ;)

Roadkill's picture
Roadkill's picture
Roadkill Tuesday, 30 Apr 2024 at 10:54am


Roadkill's picture
Roadkill's picture
Roadkill Tuesday, 30 Apr 2024 at 10:54am
ashsam wrote:

Guess you didn't have a relo die with blood clots vaxed with astrazenica.

Did you?

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 30 Apr 2024 at 11:43am

Part 3 Antiviral Hospitalizations and Death Censorship
Again this started out as a simple Easter Outbreak review that became censored.
July 2023 Vic CHO retired & New Officer was appointed...
Note Fed Health Minister M. Butler is also Victorian & Hooked on Pfizer / Pax.
This led to Victoria leading the push for more & younger Antiviral Scripts.
July onward coincides with increased % of Victoria's Younger Hospitalizations > Deaths

[L] Govt ordered 600k Lagevrio + 1m Paxlovid for Unvaxed who seldom got infected? (Dust gathered)
July 2022 Health Minister Mandated Unvaxed as lest [+] Risk > Pimped their AV to at Risk VIPs.
Legevrio was scripted more than contraindicated Pax > AV Criteria was expanded to head off Pax expiry

Nov/Dec PBAC + Unis pleaded with Butler to pull back on #1 + #2 Oz AV drugs cost blowout of PBS.
Butler said Get Fucked...My Boss want's his shit moved & fast before it get to it!
Feb : Butler petitions PBAC for Long Covid AV Paxlovid (Promises to reel addiction back to 50+ 2 risk)
March : Govt's 2 Year Pfizer AV Contract ends > Oz Pfizer now Sponsor their own Paxlovid.
March : PBAC reluctantly compromise by mandating Pax as 1st Choice to move 'expired' stock!
April : Extended expiry Pfizer Paxlovid 18-24mths > Retrospective for all prior batches.
April : Govt release Pharmacists into the Hen House (Agedcare) for Covid Vax & More...(Pax?) Cough!
Pharmacies are drooling over fleecing $1,300 AV Scripts from Zomboid Boomers! (Albo needs friends!)
Not saying this is gonna this space...Big Lobby > Big Backers > Big Carrot!

Back to the Vic Ward Charts
Victoria Health Covid-19 Hospitalizations by Age
Sept 2021-2 April 2024 Current Outbreak Age Groups (Censored)
July 2023 : New Vic CHO + Fed Minister expands AV (Pax) to less contraindicated 50yrs +1 risk
Aug 2023 : Feds Younger +1 risk AV = Younger Hospitalizations begin to rise & Deaths soon rise by %
Oct 2023 : By reducing contraindicated risk Senior AV scripts > reduced Elderly Patients and Deaths

Whole world can see AV is fastest cure for Covid...Kills yer patient sooner > Saves grief > Ward costs!
Dec 2024 : Vic AV Doses Peak
8 March 2024 : WW/Hospital uptick (re: Outbreak protocol > Reports are now delayed fortnightly!)
Feb > March : Vic AV doses trend down 50+Feb -36% March -27% (vs) 70+ Feb -36% March -19%
15-30th March : Hospital Data Censored
5 April : Hospitalizations by Age 'perfectly reflects' the faster 50+ reduction in Feb > 'March' patients.
19 April : Victoria's AV Patients Hospital data was now exposed (here) > [CENSORED]
Why Censor Now & not last week or before >
* First needed to correct the obvious AV Link (Note...if only for the ward charts!) Done! Tick! Sorted!
* Hospitalizations are rising > This involves increasing AV = Rising more Younger patients > Deaths .
* How stupid do ya think we are...Not for your eyes [CENSORED] Waiting Rooms have IRSD porn mags!

19 April : Vic Health bury Fed Minister's AV carnage > Wotz New! Rich vs Poor Ward Charts...WTF?
No Rollout for Vax / Flu Jabs / AV doses ever mandated Rich (vs) Poor Ward Charts...
Fed Health Minister Butler : "Today's Lesson > [Burn all 2021/22/23/24 Patient Age Ward Charts]
tbb : " Vic Health archives 4 Surveillance reports after which Disintegrate, never to be seen again!"
What the crew read here...will be wiped from Vic Ward Charts by the end of this wave...[CENSORED]
Fed Health Minister's Pfizer's Pet Lab rats are either Dead or had Ward Charts burnt...Too bad so Sad!

Q: How can any be sure that #1 Pax fan Fed Minister was in the driver's seat...
Because tbb had just trumpeted how regular Aged Care Data was flowing...then this outbreak.
19th April Aged Care report was likewise delayed 5 days...
We can assume Fed Health Minister does not like his Boss's Dirty Laundry being aired in real time.
Aged Care represents 50% of all senior AV scripts...(Exactly!)
So when Outbreaks > Deaths rise in Aged care > Don't help his Boss Mr Pfizer...getting cranky now!
Very reason Fed Dashboard delays Aged care Data > Deaths 0? (Cough!)
Dumbarse media buy his lies...tbb detailed Aged Care deaths & predicted current rise 15 April 2024
This senior newspaper were also pissed off that their residents were fodder for Govt Mass Hypnosis!
15 April 2024 : tbb said :
"Each year's Easter Wave (Shown here as usual) Is followed by a delayed Death Spike
Chart Continues as is...feel free to check...(This is not Rocket Science > Just Fed's Covid Ward Charts!)
10 Deaths 4-11 April total 6,398 (209) Outbreaks
10 Deaths 11-18 April total 6,408 (216) Outbreaks (Delay as said...All see that..nothing mystical!)
34 Deaths 18-25 April total 6,443 (222) Outbreaks (Death Spike as said, back checking Ward Charts)
Charts show same each Year > Yet all of Oz Experts + Health Minister can't share this obvious Alert!
In fact most experts deny seasonality despite their own data cementing 'every' 2nd wk of March spike!
Coz they spend all your taxes hiding their Vax / AV VIP { Kill Kill Kill } Campaign!

Do not buy into these endless expert orchestrated lies that cover their arses as they feed their beast.
Reckon tbb has exposed 100's of these weekly rorts by is eating one's Brainz still a career?
Why don't they ever get sick of Playing the Evil Dr No...(Just dreamed up a Better Killing Machine!)
NO! & No's over FFS! Killing more Vaxers faster is not a cure nor cool, it's actually illegal?

[1m Factcheckerz]...Ward charts are a little bit Sick...that's all....Mass Extermination Plan is still good!

Can not make this shit up people...highly educated Experts all eating their own fuckin' Zombie Brainz.
$Gazillions & Lives goin' down the drain & none know shit about their own shitfuckery...Like Wot?

Pop Down's picture
Pop Down's picture
Pop Down Wednesday, 1 May 2024 at 3:11am


You are like a handy helper 4 the Truth Lion , trying to Keep the Bastards Honest .

In life everyone makes mistakes, but the art is 2 try and make NO Huge F Ups .

No Politician today , has the Guts 2 say, I Stuffed Up !

Often it’s not The First Mistake that will crucify a person’s career , it’s the Fu..n CoverUp !

TBB - the tenacious work u are doing will help us ensure , this ONGOING Cover Up , Will eventually B fully exposed .

History will the Judge these Bastards and mark their Scorecards .

Reputations will B torn apart, eventually .

Thanks mate !

Richard Cheese's picture
Richard Cheese's picture
Richard Cheese Wednesday, 1 May 2024 at 8:26am
ashsam's picture
ashsam's picture
ashsam Wednesday, 1 May 2024 at 12:28pm
old-dog wrote:

Well said fr76. The flu jabs have saved many old buggers from an early grave, although some people here seem to think if you are over 60 you are as good as dead anyway so why bother. The anti vax cult mob are anti all vaccines. When I was in primary school every class had a few kids with irons on their legs due to polio, half our middle-aged neighbors were limping around on walking sticks, it was everywhere, and it wasn't pretty. The vaccine pretty well wiped it out overnight. Yet some people still won't accept that it worked.

this will get you excited old dog

old-dog's picture
old-dog's picture
old-dog Wednesday, 1 May 2024 at 3:08pm

Where have you been ass spam, that's old news. Btw I'm not pro vaccine, just anti bullshit.

ashsam's picture
ashsam's picture
ashsam Wednesday, 1 May 2024 at 7:37pm
old-dog wrote:

Where have you been ass spam, that's old news. Btw I'm not pro vaccine, just anti bullshit.

How was your trip to Bali old flog?

old-dog's picture
old-dog's picture
old-dog Thursday, 2 May 2024 at 9:29am

I'm flattered that you are so obsessed with me ashy, so thoughtful, and if you really have to know we leave tomorrow week for 14 nights. As soon as we get back the wife will be looking to book the next trip, she loves it over there, no cooking or cleaning, a different restaurant every night, buffet breakfast to dream of, shop till she drops cheap booze etc. She can hang by the pool while I go for a surf, and no, covid never enters our minds, just like at home. Cheers champ.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 2 May 2024 at 10:09am

Thanks again Pop...Fact is stranger than fiction...{ Vax or Not exclusive }
1st May 2024 News from Japan may have just solved the mystery of Warnie's Death
tbb wouldn't joke about our legend, if this theory never carried medical consensus.

First Up to share this ominous breakthru News...
mRNA Covid-19 Vax impairs Endothelial Function that lasts for about 6 months...(In healthy People!)

Ok! Just hold up...

{Important} tbb is not saying the Clot Shot "Alone" killed Warnie but a perfect storm combo of events.

tbb earlier shared a strange anomaly that vaxed folk were dying soon after flights...
Kinda obvious to link swelling with Air Cabin pressure as Pilots cut out + Mid air Events etc...
Sounded plausible but such events are not escalating nor these Sporting Heart events...
Sure we do see the anomaly but we must consider contributing factors alongside the Vax.

eg: tbb had discounted that Airports were dangerous in other ways than Cabin Fever & Outbreaks.
Only after this Japanese study did tbb broaden Vax / Covid impact via soundscape. ( WTF ) Yep! Sound!
So how is this relevant to Warnie...because it creates a perfect storm of uniformed poor choices.

Reduced (FMD) Flow Mediated Vasodilation ( Endothelial Dysfunction ) leads to tissue swelling!
Caused by...these actions, strictly relevant to this theory ...can add many more lesser actions...

Above News...
* mRNA Vaccine Endothelial Dysfunction within 2 wks > slowly restoring function fully within 6 mths.

* mRNA Vax reduces FMD
* Covid reduces FMD
* Invasive Venilation in Smokers reduces FMD
* Smoking reduces FMD
* Low cal Crash Diets reduce FMD
* Aircraft Noise Pressure (During just 1 sleep!) reduces FMD (Considers approx 30 flights or more)

Yes! Those living near Airports suffer severe impacts on hearts during sleep. (Not Odd!)

Just one standard reduced FMD deviation increases the Risk of Cardiovascular Incident by 17%.
Warnie was a deadman walking but no doctor could then calculate Warnie's unknown deadly combo.
Only after such events does such complex truth emerge...slowly but surely it outs itself.
No health professional would dismiss this many warning signs when or if ever admitted by patient.
Plain fact that Vax wasn't then known as a Heart Risk nor nearby (2-3kms) Airport accommodation!

Here's how Warnie's death played out...
Smoking Habit (Lowers FMD)
July 2021 Warnie Double Vax (Lowers FMD)
Aug 2021 Warnie gets Covid (Lowers FMD)
Sept 2021 Smoker / Vaxed / Covid [+] now on Ventilator (Massively Lowers FMD)
Feb 2022 Warnie on 14day Fluid Diet 4x ...(Massively Lowers FMD)
March 2022 Constant Sound Pressure from nearby Airport (Lowers FMD) kills Warnie in his sleep
Likely that Warnie was driven mad by near Airport Noise...but during sleep it worsens...
Yes tbb did check the near Airport 'Main' Flights & approx 30+ in/out during his nap.
Having no defence...the inevitable happened...heart gave up!
Noting the pack of ciggies & lighter on bed rest...FFS! Nail in the Coffin. (Comment by Ex heavy smoker!)

Poor bloke's FMD was near depleted > Swollen Vessels Heart stopped Pumping!

*Experts say all appears in order & assume Warnie's death was natural?

Clearly see that Hand of Man played an increasing role in hastening Warnie's Death.
Ask! Which of Mankind's Lethal Toxic Killer Combo's does a Coroner mix'n'match for underlying cause!
Perfectly Natural for a Coroner to exclude each & every hand from man...All say Aye!
Leave it up to the crew to shake heads or fists & flip a coin for Warnie {rip} Flip King!

Yes! Of course it's personal to a growing number..
tbb's younger bro had a Heart Condition ...was fine until Vax...soon after needed procedure?
Had to tip toe around the Elephant in the Room...

Explained how he was hospitalized in latest wave but never shared > Coz Big Bro was there then here!
Not a word of Family Outbreak infection risk...VIP Brotherly Love exampled worldwide...Luv ya bro!
The shame of community minded folk losing their voice when good deeds turn sour...all meant well!
Let's just keep it that way...
Not all unvaxed are saying told ya so... sharing this study & it's ramifications from the Heart!
Good Health to all.

"Findings have significant implications for Covid Vax safety & cardiovascular risk factors.
Nuanced perspective is crucial in balancing benefits of Vax with need of monitoring health impacts!"

tbb has just shared a series of US / Oz Govt Covid Data cover ups playing out in real time...
All Experts agree on better data monitoring...Please don't burn any more science books! Thanx!
All in this Together for whole Pandemic - Includes all this shitfuckery being glazed over...Peace out!

Sorry that Today's comment uncovers Vax anomaly but it may have equally explained Warnie Mystery!
Unearthing more info may also bring closure for many families...that's a good thing right!

burleigh's picture
burleigh's picture
burleigh Thursday, 2 May 2024 at 10:23am
old-dog wrote:

I'm flattered that you are so obsessed with me ashy, so thoughtful, and if you really have to know we leave tomorrow week for 14 nights. As soon as we get back the wife will be looking to book the next trip, she loves it over there, no cooking or cleaning, a different restaurant every night, buffet breakfast to dream of, shop till she drops cheap booze etc. She can hang by the pool while I go for a surf, and no, covid never enters our minds, just like at home. Cheers champ.

Make sure you’re juiced to the eye balls old flog. Never be too careful on those planes.

Pack a few masks, just incase someone coughs on the plane

ashsam's picture
ashsam's picture
ashsam Thursday, 2 May 2024 at 10:37am
old-dog wrote:

I'm flattered that you are so obsessed with me ashy, so thoughtful, and if you really have to know we leave tomorrow week for 14 nights. As soon as we get back the wife will be looking to book the next trip, she loves it over there, no cooking or cleaning, a different restaurant every night, buffet breakfast to dream of, shop till she drops cheap booze etc. She can hang by the pool while I go for a surf, and no, covid never enters our minds, just like at home. Cheers champ.

Not obsessed lol, just remembered you said you were going. Was Genuine question no strings attached. Yep it's a good holiday we did a few weeks before Xmas.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 5 May 2024 at 2:23am

UK & US issue alarming FLIRT warnings...(That's their titles!)
Only tbb thinks their messin' with the wrong Family Member!
KP2 is more transmissible than JN1 but less infectious or Virulent
KP3 is even more transmissible than KP2 but less is said of this new strain.
We'll have a closer look at see how KP3 is travellin'

UK (25th Feb KP2 > 22nd April 18%) + ( 25 March KP3 > 22nd April 22% )= 40%
This site is good but locks out after a brief squizz ...but ya can peep at graphs
[+] Rate/wk 4.6% > 7.1% + Seniors 10% [+]
Hospitalizations / wk 1.97/100k > 2.56/100k (77% rise but Numbers are low)
KP2/3 have overtaken JN1
(Now 50%+ above JN1)

US 30 March -27 April (KP2 3.9% > 10.7% > 24.9%)
Hospitalizations/wk N Mexico 41.7% N Dakota 36.4% Colorado 35.6% Delaware 25%
No KP3 + Numbers are still low + These could be Migration States (Others are fine!)

Thailand KP1/2/3 are doin' some real damage...this is a real crisis!
Hospitalizations 6-27th April 728 > 1,672 + icu 390 + vents 148 + Deaths 3 > 9/wk
Next report is tomorrow... that might ramp even higher again as UK KP2/3 Graph indicates.

Summary > Seems to be that newest KP3 is most transmissible > infectious > virulent
Problem : It's still so new and fast that there is no review on it as yet...
So far it looks as if Experts are underplaying KP3 >
Crew can see 2wk hospitalization UK 77% > Thai 50.7% (Avg) is higher than KP2 US (peak) 41.7%!

Ok! tbb looked & looked to see if KP3 was more of a problem as data suggests...
Yes! There was one test done on KP3 we can share that...
Not much...but enough to verify Hospital data..

Results : KP.3 consistently acted as the Strongest escaper due to mutation = (Transmissible / Virulent)
Absract : KP3 shows most pronounced decrease in neutralization = (A lot more Long Covid)

In essence...all reviews are on lesser KP1/2...none are reviewing KP3 in real time as the Main Player!
Looks like all are down playing the newbie we gotta wait a bit longer for bigger picture!

Is FLIRT in Oz yet? Good Question...It seems to Follow Rollout Order > we're on a slight delay!
23 March 2024 : Oz o's JN.1 Peaked 46.3% > still slowly backing down but dominating at o's 41.6%
What to look for is a ramp towards o's 50% with KP.2 > KP.3 Kicker to spike a 2nd winter wave.
Wot tbb means...Tip...
As said ya gotta do yer own 'not stated' % calculations from NSW weekly total Cases to get rolling data!
Ignore NSW 'not stated' generic compounding average guide (It can't predict or compare outbreaks!)
Once ya do yer own weekly % - Seasonal Migration Wave Patterns unfold to reveal 4yr Politicization trends.
Then ya can mix'n'match Uni waves (vs) Oz Waves to increased offset Seasonal waves & so on.
Boring!...not really...more like a Covid Gateway Gauge to know when next waves are coming.
tbb's list is gettin' tatty...but it does put's tatty...gets a good work out! Salute NSW Health!

It's likely by the time it arrives in Oz...KP3 will be dominant & hit fast & hard to spike a 2nd Winter wave.
Crew will recall these o's piggy-back dual Waves also happened in Nov'23 > Feb'24 (So expect similar!)
Experts all swear Flirt will be a smaller wave but that's based on KP2...KP3 is overtaking it already!

Oz Experts : Speak vaguely about "New" KP2 in US...
Just shows how far off the head of the beast they's not funny!
They should have already run data on KP3 to get ahead of the game...All Say Aye!
So! We'll share their Vax opinions for KP2 Vaccines ...Why? Coz they're the Experts!
Also all we got on FLIRT in Oz.

Salute 'Sally Maidment' who is likewise picking up on UK/Thai Hospitalizations + Vic Wastewater...
+ Dennis the Covid Guy is also up with it...
Only Dennis has no reason to run Calendar year deaths...unless he works for an institution?
Can run deaths off 50% Rollout stages to check mass Vax effect (vs) Virus break thrus
Can run deaths off each Seasonal waves to check if Virus is breaking thru... faster or slower in time
Even run deaths on % drops of testing...difficult but would be most exacting!
Calendar Year Deaths have no bearing to Pandemic / Rollout / Virus / Orders ... just dowdy academia!
However! It's a great site & There's other weird data sets that may unlock Virus traits!

Kinda weird as we're all runnin' similar data grabs & tbb only just picked up on it...a bit freaky!
Anyhow...tbb will run over that...we're either onto it from different angles or all half crazy!

So! That's the new kidz on the Block...
Can still run a check on where Oz is at, by comparison...we got a batch of fresh data!
Sure...all points Up but how much & for how long...
We can have a crack but creepy mysterious bully KP3 will have the biggest say when winter Covid ends.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 6 May 2024 at 1:23am

Geert regurgitates Batwoman's ominous warning...
"If a coronavirus caused diseases to emerge before, there is a high chance it will cause future outbreaks!"
Meaning...It ain't over till it's over!
These are the two relevant links that seem to alert of current Covid mutations

Australia is buying time with Flirt Strains.
Interesting that a fall in o's data offsets a rise in Oz outbreak.
17 Feb -23rd March 2024 JN1 o's Spike & peak waves
Verifying Oz outbreak started 2nd-3rd week in March as 20/21/22/23/24. each strain plays out is less so settled with science or season.

Said we could have a crack to forecast severity + longevity of JN1 + KP1/2/3 waves.

* Deluxe Oz Seasonal Covid Wrap exclusive to Vax or Not!

6 March > 10 April = 46.3% increase (200k)

*Covid arrivals...
JN.1 still bullies all on Oz Charts with total infectiousness.
UK / US sound warning of more / faster infectious KP2 but KP3 is even more the concern!
KP Strains are Summer orientated and hence the delay into Oz.
It seems KP3 will best mutate into a winter peak Oz arrival...(read above review)

NSW / NZ seem to be wavering at low/mid range but acknowledged WA / Vic measures are rising!
In fact both are rising from much higher starting points, indicates JN1 variants are highly transmissible.
Have to say it reads as an ongoing JN1 flooded backwash top up of some concern but not a panic wave!
But it sure does sound warning of any new incoming Rogue Wave > eg: KP3 mutation.

WA 31 March > 28 April WA [+] 5.5% > 9.5% (Massively high % for Backwash!)
NSW 14 - 28 April [+] 4.7% > 6.2%
Vic has seen WW rising but in Yo Yo waves.
We're seeing a busy Victoria rebounding JN.1 (vs) Isolated delayed perfect storm for WA.
WW data is best cross referenced with equally reliable Aged care Outbreaks to confirm any theory!

*Wastewater < > Aged Care (tbb's Hybrid Symbiosis)
tbb is appropriating Aged Care outbreaks to gauge reliable hypothetical WW reads in all States.
Say Wot? Reads having a crack!
Fastest earliest ongoing Aged Care (Outbreaks) indicate a mutated JN1 Winter strain.
Tas 2 Feb-18 April (6 > 9) Coldest State yo yo'd 3 earliest increased waves + possible current rise
SA 16 Feb-8 March (28 > 31) Has a lesser rise + a possible current outbreak
Vic 23 Feb-3 May (54 > 81) Early outbreak spikes > 10-20% variations yo yo's rising WW (Check!)
WA 8 March-3 May (16 > 35) Rising > correction as appears in WW > slowly rising (Check!)

*Nondescript / Delayed data
ACT 8 March-18 April (No Data) > (1 > 6) Big Flu Bug bullied out mutating Covid now spiking fast

(Delayed) Summer JN.1 slowly mutating into Winter JN.1
NSW 23 March-3 May (45 > 66) Up/Down Outbreaks reflects up/down slow less specific W

(Delayed) Zero Qld NW Wind Cold Snap to mutate into Winter Strain
Qld 1 March > 3 May (73 > 29) Gradual summer decline > Cold / Dry snap will soon spike Flu & JN1.

NT (Note: Massive Chinese Flu Yo Yo > Suppresses subdued Summer > Autumn JN 1 strains.
Chinese tour groups "currently" incubate & transit Top End virus in this order RNA > Flu > JN 1.

*Cases (Comparisons %)
April 2024 Victoria currently has 2x viral load of April 2023 then = 6,000 cases
April 2023 Oz Rats 40 > 48% [+] ...WA rising PCR [+] 10% then = 6,000 cases
April 2024 Oz Rats 32 > 40% [+] ...WA rising PCR [+] 9.5% now = (?) cases (Cough!)

23 March-24 April 2024 NSW Outbreak [+] Groups (Note o's [+] % Reduction & cases)
Clearly Boosters agitated the Virus to mutate & mass infect Govt orchestrated sitting ducks.
All PCR 12.63% > Fully Vaxed Aged care Staff 34.4% > Fully Boosted Aged care Residents 70.4%
[Expert Factcheckers] Not fair...we weren't ready...

* [+] Cases Age Groups

Age Care (Cases)
11 April-3 May ( 194 > 411 ) 112% > 81 Outbreaks Vic Aged care is red hot (tbb did often warn Vic of this!)
11 April-3May ( 79 > 214 ) 170% > 35 Outbreaks WA is off the charts...big Spike for Isolated State.
Both of these Data Sets show Covid is not hangin' in the background & will bite hard & is still a force!

NSW 30+ are a low 11% 'infected' group that are most " highly infectious" 94% [+] spreading rise.
Highest Boosted Boomers 50+ highest "Infected" group harbouring 55% of cases.

WA just censored heaps > their Age Groups alongside > Age Deaths
For 6 months Cases Yo Yo'd around 55-65yrs similar to NSW with Boosted copping more infections.
Seems to be little shift of note in [+] Aged Cases (See real reason for censorship > Deaths)

Vic : 30 March-30 April = 50% Spike
WA :31 March-28 April = 33% Spike
tbb recently called out Vic Censorship & equally Salutes Vic Health for returning Hospital Age Data!
Do we need a Reason...if so, then Pimping more Boomer AV should reduce 50+ Hospital Data Rise.

tbb pointed out how AV Expansion to Younger AV Groups ramped 50+ Wards...Data was (Censored)
Butler is still spoonin' out Pax 50+ scripts but now offsetting it by peddling 'more' Boomer doses.
This should fill more wards with Boomers > Then Privatize 50+spill over (Off Grid Standard Data Fix)
Repeating that Private Tests / Scripts / Wards can't cross contaminate Public Health Data! (Off Grid!)
Shadow Puppeteering AV Pax shitshow behind Curtains to lock in Clean bill of Health!
Guessing they got their shit together to curb their creepy 50+ % rise...well, enough to share data again!
Need to see much delayed April AV data for shift in Vic / Age Scripts.
Be hard to imagine Butler would backpeddle Pfizer's off grid AV rollout...too sweet of a deal!
(For more on Vic aged groups read Censored

*Censored Deaths (Correct from Vic > WA Aged Censors...think this one is more permanent!)
WA Death Charts were cancelled exactly 2 years from Public Data share!
See what anomaly glares back...after spending $billions on cures & Queues & Health Staff Hours...
Date > Age Groups > Death %
28 March 2022 > 60+ 6.3% > 70+ 18.7% > 80+ 37.5% > 90+ 31.2% (1st Data starts this week!)
26 March 2023 > 60+ 6.7% > 70+ 18.6% > 80+ 38.3% > 90+ 31.4%
31 March 2024 > 60+ 7.6% > 70+ 19.0% > 80+ 37.0% > 90+ 31.0% (Last Data ends this week!)
Vax AV Results > ....... +1.3% > ........ +0.3% >(vs)....-0.5% > ......... -0.2%
All see that Vax + AV killed 1.6% more younger healthy boomers than 0.7% Elders it saved.
Reckon you'd wanna xX[censor]Xx that to save a few 1,000 expert arses!
Summary...Never Vax'n'Pax while running Live Data or ya might crash!

$Billions / hours down the drain just to kill more Boomers!
[Expert Factcheckerz] : (Censored)
Teacher : "Rip out Pages # with Tables #...from yer 2022/23/24 Science Books >[Insert this blank page]
That's how ya host a Birthday Party Gromz...shave off a few Golden Years.

Feel Free to double check this data with Vic Health Deaths
Vic Deaths : Nov 2022 0-49y 1.2% > 50-64y 4% > 65-79y 19.4% > 80+ 75.4%
Vic Deaths : Feb 2024 0-49y 7.0% > 50-64y 8% > 65-79y 32.5% > 80+ 55.4%
Vax'n'Pax : Kills an extra 22.9% of under 80y'olds to save 20% over 80's

Notice WA Vax'n'Pax is Killing 0.9% more people > Vic Vax'n'Pax is Killing 2.9% more people!
Sure : One reason why Vic censored the Companion sickly Boomer Ward Charts...Oh! I see yer problem!

Experts : "Mass Vax will prolong the Pandemic to buy more time to neutralize a host of data anomalies!"

Think this thru...
(Choose!) Experts orchestrating more death or more virulent Virus killing more younger folk each year?
(Tip) If ya don't choose, the Govt will choose for you...that's how expert they've become!

*Bonus Forecast Freak Peak
Cross reference all data for general Oz Peak around end of July!
All bets are off for any Flirting with Twin Peaks...can't say if that's part of the deal.
Mostly as it's still possible to squeeze in 3 pulse peaks @ End May/June/July for various reason!
Should KP3 wanna ride into town on one of them set waves...then it's a massive paddle battle!

Reckon we had a good crack at that...we made some in roads one way or the other...Happy to share!
Crew can see tbb tries for a straight rip but if Govt wanna censor! Gotta call them out!
All in this Together...includes the Govt not burning any more science books...well...don't it!

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truebluebasher Monday, 6 May 2024 at 10:28am

Today's News sheds new light on Vic's increased younger Covid Patients & Deaths.
Alarming facts of Covid infections rising in Hospitals in post testing & mask era.
2022/23 At least 6,212 Patients caught Covid in Vic Hospitals > killing 10%
Hospitalized Patients being infected in Hospitals rose from 13% 2022 > 20% 2023.
Coincides with reduction of screening and masking.

Vic Health / Burnett Study
Patient RATs / Staff Masks saves $78m & prevents 1,543 Vic deaths/yr
Patient PCR / Staff N95s Masks saves $62.6m & prevents 1,684 Vic deaths/yr

Mask Fatigue (vs) More infectious Variants
This goes a long way to explain younger patients > filling & dying in wards...
Any long duration in hospital is a death sentence...get in fast & get out faster or simply die in there!
Salute the Frontline more than ever...helluva work place...damned if ya do damned if ya don't.
Seems like Covid is still very much the boss...only kidding ourselves to wipe it away from whiteboards!

tbb is no fool & has been reporting on Vic Health anomalies...
Now out comes this wake up call in the middle of rising outbreak...Strewth! Good Health to Victoria!
Got an icky feeling these Hospital Outbreaks are Oz / Worldwide.
Reports of longer patient times made the news all adds up...
Less Patient Tests / PPE = More [+] Wards...exact same time Hospital Data is being censored!
Nothing to see here people...just that our old mate refuses to leave the building...
Ambos wail all day everyday just to ramp in the's a livin' thing...a terrible thing to do!
Magic Spell : Close yer eyes & click yer heals ...2>3>4... Begone you beast & again...once more!

[Expert factchecker]
Here we are Nowhere...maybe that's where we belong.
Everytime we sing that same ol' song...2>3>4
Here we are Nowhere...Nowhere Left to Go!

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truebluebasher Monday, 6 May 2024 at 10:00pm

Covid Censordemic neutralizing Thailand Outbreak...nothing to see...move along!
31 March-6 May 2024 Thailand "New" Hospitalizations/wk 728 > 849 > 1,004 > 1,692 > 1,792
14-27 April new ICU/wk 292 > 390 + new Vents/wk 101 > 148 + new Deaths / wk 3 > 9 > 12
This week ICU + Vents ? [Censored] Said : You can all Fuck Off...nothing to see...Go have another Jab!

Thailand Medical News Report

UK rolled out first > Low end cheap Mutants fastrack thru Thailand via Sex Industry.

* Many are under the illusion that Covid is over?
* Authorities have not initiated any Info / Ed Campaigns to warn locals!
* Reminiscent of Delta Wave
* Tests + Now even ICU / Vents Data have been [Censored]
* Uncontrolled spread will mutate new strains resulting in more Hospitalizations > Long Covid
* Private Hospital Data shows Govt Hospitalizations & Deaths should read much much higher
* Hospitalized Patients are taking longer to recover > Stress > Shortages of Beds / ICUs / Vents
* Cases expected to rise in coming weeks...

Summary : Same as Oz...All Govts are enemies of the People > Kill Kill Kill!
Oz VIPs swear Vax did the trick! > Virus is only starting to break thru...Pandemic is in it's infancy!
Oz Govt are also hiding outbreaks > Health Data + Younger Ward Patients > longer Recovery time.

Same the World over...all blind folded in denial! Burn all yer Science Books week by week...never stops!

[Expert factcheckerz] There are no outbreaks...the Vax worked...(ICU = Gone! + Vents = Gone!) Told Ya!

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quadzilla Wednesday, 8 May 2024 at 8:19pm

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truebluebasher Thursday, 9 May 2024 at 12:37am

Jan 2021 EMA rubber stamped AZ
7 Feb SA said we trialled that shit now we got this Mutated Delta Strain...just saying before ya...too late!
21 Feb Oz Open BOO Vax Rollout
3 March Austria > Norway > Denmark are clotting up with AZ (Vaxed Nursing Homes are Dying off)

4 March Oz refuses to accept Italy's AZ Killer Batch & Gotta Dump the shit thru Pacific
News : { Italy Hijack Aussie's Killer Vax Order } (Cough!)
Aussie PM : Thank God for that! ...."I'm mean...Oz won't stand for this Hijacking!" (Spluttering Cough!)

Europe / Canada to Start banning AZ for under 55yo & Start dumping the Shit thru the Pacific.
WHO: 'Better for Poor Covax People to be killed sooner by Vax Clots than suffer Long Vax Syndrome'
25 March Oz AZ first batch released > Dumped & tested on PNG as a matter of urgency.
23 June Oz mandates anything but AZ for U60 > wants to bin AZ by Oct (By request Only)
29 June Wombles of Wimbledon Salute their Big Pharma.
30 June Qld "Don't want Gromz dying from AZ...Can piss that shit right off...Thank You!"
All Oz experts queued to rebuke the shit outta our fellow Qldurr...
CHO is now Her Excellency Dame Jeanette Governor of Qld MBA/MBBS(PSM)(AC)
Qldurrz : Think that's called writing on the wall > [ Beginning of the End for AZ ]

5 Jan Oz cheers the hunting down of unvaxed Tennis Players > Detain/Deport them for their negativity!
Jan Oz Open Jets in 30 [+] incubating Vaxed Mutant Players to spread VIP Omicron to kill everyone!
99.99% of Australia gets hooked on infectious AO sportsmanlike mass mutations...ONEOFUS.

9 Dec 2022 AZ give up tryin' to fool US to rubber stamp Covid Vax

21 March 2023 Oz Withdraws AZ > soaks up dregs...all gone!

8 May 2024 AZ begs EMA Regulator & The World for a mercy killing!

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sypkan Thursday, 9 May 2024 at 1:40am

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Supafreak Thursday, 9 May 2024 at 12:41pm
sypkan wrote:

With Craig Kelly posting this , many will just write it off & probably not even have a look or read the comments . Fact is , many prominent Drs lost their positions at hospitals, some were the head of departments and were doing a good job treating patients before a vaccine was available . The whole thing stinks from the start when governments made decisions that if you got covid to go home and isolate and if after a few weeks you got worse seek medical help . Whatever happened to early treatment ? Like they do for all other diseases. Sitting around waiting to see how bad you got was shit advice . Next few years will be interesting to see who and what gets investigated . At the end of the day pig pharma wins again .

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poo-man Thursday, 9 May 2024 at 6:20pm

My wife's doctor is now prescribing Ivermectin. But he's still wary about being called out about it so he's staying low. Seems like it's available again? At the end of the day it never hurt to use it so once again big Pharma was behind the ban on it ay?

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poo-man's picture
poo-man Thursday, 9 May 2024 at 6:21pm

My wife's doctor is now prescribing Ivermectin. But he's still wary about being called out about it so he's staying low. Seems like it's available again? At the end of the day it never hurt to use it so once again big Pharma was behind the ban on it ay?

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udo Thursday, 9 May 2024 at 6:29pm