Snapper Rocks

Cloudbreak kicks into winter gear

Craig Brokensha

Cloudbreak is going to pump on Monday and Tuesday, two days before the waiting period of the Quiksilver Pro finishes.

Occy's Groms and Old Man Sam

Just days short of his 21st birthday Sam Norwood is already over the hill. Occy's Grom Comp is in town and Coolangatta has sold out of Red Frogs and Gummi Bears. Ain't nothing like a kid half your size that surfs twice as good to put you in your place.

Crowd Control, Snapper Style

The shark, believed to be either a dusky whaler or a bull shark, swam within five metres of surfers before the alarm was raised and the crowded line-up cleared. Photographer, Brad Schmidt, said the shark wasn't hostile appearing "more curious than hungry".

Slowing It Down

Jack Dekort's been hanging a few hours south of home recently, and his shutter speeds have headed in the same direction.

Quik Pro Will Be Live on Free-To-Air TV

Surfing is on the tele!

Occy's Loyalty Divided at Jim Beam Surftag

Stu Nettle
We'll all be friends once we get back to the beach...I hope.

Snapper Redux

How about a quick revisit of the best swell of the winter thus far?

The Next Best Thing

Jon Wright has gone pretty damn close to recreating the experience

A Jungle Story

If you're not swinging from the vines then you're wallowing in the swamp

Hot Goss

I saw a well-tanned nude nut come flying down the line

Last gasp from the Gold Coast

Bucketloads of images from the Gold Coast - and most of you aren't in a single one of 'em.

International Surfing Day

For those of you that weren't aware, Sunday was 'International Surfing Day'. I doubt this gave any Queensland surfer an extra incentive to hit the water..