rip curl, false label and slave labour + funding terrorism.

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fong started the topic in Thursday, 25 Feb 2016 at 8:53pm

I don't intend this as a political thread or post but it may depending on others posts ( if anyone replies).

Surfers love to pretend or present themselves as the righteous on any number of subjects ranging from ( but not limited too) environment issues and healthy diets ( lol).

So...where does that leave you when one of the 3 biggest surf brands ( rip curl) use slave labour to manufacture surf goods?

Do you care?

I'm unsure where I stand. ..I mean by contracting work into nth Korea means ppl who would have starved to death were able to live a few more weeks by working for free in exchange for food and basic shelter .That's got to be a good thing that a massive surfing company helped these ppl stay alive via giving them food instead of fair wages?
It does concern me one of the axis of evil and giving that they are developing nuclear arms and missiles to carry them rip curl is funding and supporting terrorists ?

Looking at Mick fanning semi retirement. ..I hadn't thought of it...but others have suggested to me his bailing on being connected too rip curl due to this slave surf labour / support terrorism issue.

good for Mick if he interested to see other promotional surfer employees of rip curl taking such a hard line?

and what about You?

Do you support and still buy rip curl given this slave labour/ terrorist supporters scandal?